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“Come son of Jor-El. Kneel before Zod!!”


That’s right folks!! The latest take here at RAMAB is about Superman II. Click the link and peep the insight for the second adventure of the only guy to get away with flying around in a blue unitard with red briefs on top!!





Ever find yourself wondering what do lizards and hillbillies have in common. Let’s hope none of us get that desperate, but if so fear not, we’ve got a fix for you. Check out the two latest takes in our reviews section:


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


He’s a nice guy, but…

What girl wouldn't get lost in those eyes?

The latest Tete-a-Tete is just a commentary on a very unusual trend in Hollywood over the last few years: James Marsden’s inability to get the girl in a blockbuster movie.  It’s a strange pattern I noticed a few years ago and now that I have this lovely forum, now is the time to bring it to the attention of the masses!  To learn more about the Marsden Effect, click the link below:

Nice Guys Finish Last: The James Marsden Complex



With The Avengers coming in less than a week, excitement is mounting to a ridiculous level. With all the good that is coming out of this, I pay my respects to the man responsible. Stan Lee. Without Stan Lee there’d be no Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, and so many other things. This man’s contribution to the world of comics is partly responsible for the genre comics has turned into. So with that in mind, I say thanks Stan Lee.


Outta The Park!!


I finally caved, jumped on the band wagon, and watched last year’s Moneyball last night. I say I caved because, as we all surely know, there was lots of buzz surrounding this movie during Oscar time and I tend to be diametrically opposed to following trends and popularity unless I’m into the subject pre-buzz. And I’ve been hard pressed to meet the sensible woman that didn’t wet themselves at the very mention of Brad Pitt. I get it, the dude is conventionally good looking but ladies, he DOES have quite the set of acting chops. Not wanting to write a fully formed review on it (..not the type of movie we’re trying to go for, but you can get a full review of it here), simply put this movie works. Mr. Pitt brings his aforementioned chops to the table in spades for this picture. Also, Jonah Hill shows a surprisingly deep and intelligent performance, proving how much range as an actor he has. These performances, mixed with a interesting true story basis adapted into a remarkable narrative, provide a fun and engaging watch that made me care about what would happen with the team. And I don’t even like baseball!!!


The Secret of Fox? New RAMARs!

Hello everyone!  Now up for review are two of the five animated movies nominated for Best Animated Feature for the 2010 Academy Awards: The Secret of Kells and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  It was a pretty good year for that category though nothing really stood a chance because of, well, you know, the first fifteen minutes of Up.  But still, these two movies deserved the recognition at least, and you can learned how they earned it by following the links below!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Secret of Kells

– Aquisha

Avast! Claymation, dead ahead!

Huzzah for stop-motion animation!  The amount of time and vision it takes to make a fully formed story come through all that tiny plasticine is amazing and worthy of recognition for nothing less than being happy with getting six seconds of film a day on average.  Basically, it’s really tough to make these kinds of movies.  That’s why I love and appreciate that there are three major stop-motion feature films coming out this year: Frankenweenie (who’s not dying for that!?), ParaNorman (which looks equally as bizarre and fun), and the first of the triumvirate, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

I know I’m going to see The Pirates, though, of the three it looks most geared toward a younger crowd.  But, it was made by those understatedly wacky Brits over at Aardman.  Be it Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, or the sadly underrated Flushed Away (seriously, just watch it for Ian McKellan’s turn as a megalomaniacal toad; it’s brilliant), chances are you’ve at least chuckled at these guys before.  Their storytellers are such pros at absurd comedy and have such tact about how to use it.  They know when to put chubby chickens through flying boot camp and when do an extreme zoom on the face of an expressionless penguin.  Two completely different kinds of ridiculous but both are hilarious.  And The Pirates looks like more of the same and this time with Queen Victoria!  That’s nothing but win!

– Aquisha

“Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him??”


With a move that may be hoisting me on my own petard, I address an egregious issue plaguing the ranks of Star Wars fandom. In the latest Tête-A-Tête, I use my long lost English Comp skills and tackle the concern of George Lucas, through his re-releases and other endeavours, violating the sanctity of the childhood memories of many disgruntled fans the world over. Hit the link to read the “essay” please feel free to leave comments (good or/especially bad) and share it with your associates.


Why Does it feel like I haven’t seen you in forever?!!?

Confirmation at last!! I saw here on IGN that, finally, Sin City 2 is going to happen. Robert Rodriguez (one of the most impressive people I wish I knew!!) states he will begin casting and filming the sequel to his widely successful and imitated graphic novel adaptation, Sin City, after he finishes Machete Kills, the sequel to his Grindhouse spin-off Machete from 2010. If any of you cats know anything about this Sin City thing, this is pretty exciting news. I sadly missed the first movie in theatres but once I saw it, I was hooked! Seeing the movie inspired me to promptly read all of the books and it’s been rumoured for a while that the sequel would be based on A Dame To Kill For, the second book in the series and my favourite, and now that it’s been confirmed; über-excited doesn’t quite cover it! But now the important bit.


Rosario looking good as Gail in Sin City

Why do I feel like I haven’t seen Rosario Dawson in forever??!!! I remember the days of going to the movies and seeing her in what would be, and were clearly at the time, cult classics such as Clerks II, Grindhouse: Death Proof, and Sin City. And, of course, she was in some big and important movies before and since that time, but why do I feel like I haven’t really seen her in a few years. So she does Seven Pounds, which I still haven’t seen, and Unstoppable, both we all can agree was a good move. Then she was in such hits as Zookeeper and the Percy Jackson movie!! And then….. Is she the victim of a career going down the drain due to a few flops. I won’t go so far as to pass that judgement, but my point is I miss her (because I wish I knew her too!!). Its great to see that she will be reprising her role for Sin City 2 and hopefully this will be a start to seeing her on a normal basis again!! (relatively speaking of course)

Mixed Feelings After Interstellar Travels

Last nite I had a pretty cinematic eventful nite. It started with D2: The Mighty Ducks. Yet another gem from the 90’s, this movie really tests my patience as a hockey fan. I loved the Ducks series as a kid, and I still had good fun and got way into it last nite, but this movie is so untrue to the sport. I’ll admit, I wasn’t extremely dialled in to the hockey scene at the time (nor am I now) but I’d like to think that I know enough now to see that a good 90% of the movie just wouldn’t work in real hockey. But I digress, I still enjoyed seeing the Ducks win in the end and joined in with them singing “We Are The Champions”.

Then I went to see John Carter. Click here to see my views on that venture. But the previews before hand were an emotional trip all their own. There were four stand out trailers for me: Battleship, Prometheus, Brave, and The Avengers. If you don’t know how excited I am for the last two then A: you should as I have proclaimed myself Pixar’s greatest champion (almost) and 2: see here. But, then there’s Battleship. When I heard this was happening the only thing I could think was WHY!!??!?!??! First, who wants this movie and why do they want it?? A movie based on Battleship, are we really that desperate? Did we forget about Clue?? And how would a movie based on Battleship even work?? But after seeing the trailer for it I realized it has NOTHING to do with the classic board game. Its basically Transformers 4: This Time They’re From The Sea!! I mean, really, is America really that hard up for shit turning into other shit and then blowing shit up??! Cause that’s what Battleship is gonna give us.


Noomi Rapace in Prometheus. (ahhh, I like her!)


And finally, Ridley Scott returns with a prequel to Alien that looks to be another sci-fi epic from him. Now this was my third or fourth time but it still excites me to no end!! In fact, its hard to express in a group of cohesive words my excitement and anticipation for this one. I think the only thing in 2012 I’m more excited about are Avengers (obviously)…oh, and Brave…oh! and The Hobbit. But, I’ll go on about that in a later post!