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Things You Learn Watching the ’91 X-Men TV Show

Recently, I’ve started re-watching X-Men. I thought I would just do a few episodes for fun, then got sucked into watching just about the entire series. Like any show, when you see it as a complete body of work, there are things you missed when you were just watching it week to week. Upon seeing the big picture, I’ve gleaned some truths that I think I should share.

  • Storm’s claustrophobia, while at first distressing, becomes hilarious as it happens pretty often and, no joke, a port-a-potty-esque holding cell becomes an impregnable fortress for the X-Men’s second in command.
  • You were right when you were seven; Jean Grey really is the most worthless thing on the face of the planet.
  • Professor X is kind of a jerk. In watching the series in its entirety, it is startling how many times he sends the X-Men on dangerous missions, including commandeering a space shuttle, flying it with little to no training, and brain-washing its captain, on no more explanation than, “I just really feel like you should go”.
  • Apparently, there is a reason Jubilee wears those stupid pink glasses as the crowning accent piece to her “Daddy didn’t love me enough” ensemble: they protect her eyes from the blinding light of her own…sparkler hands. I think that’s what her power is, sparkler hands. Let’s go with sparkler hands.
  • Wolverine was and is a complete badass*.

*Not a new lesson, but one that I would fear retribution from those adamantium claws if I didn’t mention.


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