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Mixed Feelings After Interstellar Travels

Last nite I had a pretty cinematic eventful nite. It started with D2: The Mighty Ducks. Yet another gem from the 90’s, this movie really tests my patience as a hockey fan. I loved the Ducks series as a kid, and I still had good fun and got way into it last nite, but this movie is so untrue to the sport. I’ll admit, I wasn’t extremely dialled in to the hockey scene at the time (nor am I now) but I’d like to think that I know enough now to see that a good 90% of the movie just wouldn’t work in real hockey. But I digress, I still enjoyed seeing the Ducks win in the end and joined in with them singing “We Are The Champions”.

Then I went to see John Carter. Click here to see my views on that venture. But the previews before hand were an emotional trip all their own. There were four stand out trailers for me: Battleship, Prometheus, Brave, and The Avengers. If you don’t know how excited I am for the last two then A: you should as I have proclaimed myself Pixar’s greatest champion (almost) and 2: see here. But, then there’s Battleship. When I heard this was happening the only thing I could think was WHY!!??!?!??! First, who wants this movie and why do they want it?? A movie based on Battleship, are we really that desperate? Did we forget about Clue?? And how would a movie based on Battleship even work?? But after seeing the trailer for it I realized it has NOTHING to do with the classic board game. Its basically Transformers 4: This Time They’re From The Sea!! I mean, really, is America really that hard up for shit turning into other shit and then blowing shit up??! Cause that’s what Battleship is gonna give us.


Noomi Rapace in Prometheus. (ahhh, I like her!)


And finally, Ridley Scott returns with a prequel to Alien that looks to be another sci-fi epic from him. Now this was my third or fourth time but it still excites me to no end!! In fact, its hard to express in a group of cohesive words my excitement and anticipation for this one. I think the only thing in 2012 I’m more excited about are Avengers (obviously)…oh, and Brave…oh! and The Hobbit. But, I’ll go on about that in a later post!



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