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Avast! Claymation, dead ahead!

Huzzah for stop-motion animation!  The amount of time and vision it takes to make a fully formed story come through all that tiny plasticine is amazing and worthy of recognition for nothing less than being happy with getting six seconds of film a day on average.  Basically, it’s really tough to make these kinds of movies.  That’s why I love and appreciate that there are three major stop-motion feature films coming out this year: Frankenweenie (who’s not dying for that!?), ParaNorman (which looks equally as bizarre and fun), and the first of the triumvirate, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

I know I’m going to see The Pirates, though, of the three it looks most geared toward a younger crowd.  But, it was made by those understatedly wacky Brits over at Aardman.  Be it Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, or the sadly underrated Flushed Away (seriously, just watch it for Ian McKellan’s turn as a megalomaniacal toad; it’s brilliant), chances are you’ve at least chuckled at these guys before.  Their storytellers are such pros at absurd comedy and have such tact about how to use it.  They know when to put chubby chickens through flying boot camp and when do an extreme zoom on the face of an expressionless penguin.  Two completely different kinds of ridiculous but both are hilarious.  And The Pirates looks like more of the same and this time with Queen Victoria!  That’s nothing but win!

– Aquisha


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