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Outta The Park!!


I finally caved, jumped on the band wagon, and watched last year’s Moneyball last night. I say I caved because, as we all surely know, there was lots of buzz surrounding this movie during Oscar time and I tend to be diametrically opposed to following trends and popularity unless I’m into the subject pre-buzz. And I’ve been hard pressed to meet the sensible woman that didn’t wet themselves at the very mention of Brad Pitt. I get it, the dude is conventionally good looking but ladies, he DOES have quite the set of acting chops. Not wanting to write a fully formed review on it (..not the type of movie we’re trying to go for, but you can get a full review of it here), simply put this movie works. Mr. Pitt brings his aforementioned chops to the table in spades for this picture. Also, Jonah Hill shows a surprisingly deep and intelligent performance, proving how much range as an actor he has. These performances, mixed with a interesting true story basis adapted into a remarkable narrative, provide a fun and engaging watch that made me care about what would happen with the team. And I don’t even like baseball!!!



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