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The End Is Nigh!!


Free for nothing, RAMAB has extended our Impromptu Harry Potter Celebration (mostly due to scheduling problems and laziness) to almost a full two weeks. Nearing the end we have all but one HP film review ready for your pleasure, or displeasure if you so choose. So check out our reviews page for the run down on HP years 1-7.1!



Impromptu Harry Potter Week!!


Just because we can, we here at RAMAB are hosting, as advertised above, an impromptu Harry Potter week. What does that mean? Well, to celebrate the world’s fascination with the messed up teenage life if some British kid, the majority of the content for the rest of the week will be Potter related. You get reviews on all 8 flicks, you get random posts on our Hogwarts inspired shenanigans, and more!! So check back with us all week (now thru Mon, May 28) for all the Potter fun!!

First up, a review for Sorcerer’s Stone

We Dropped The Ball

Empty promises. It happens sometimes. So to the few of you that are following along, I apologize. I realize there has been no new content for quite some time and that I boasted a new and exciting Avengers review would ‘drop’ two weeks ago now, and I do realize that we have not delivered. But fear not ye digital travelers, new content is on the way this very week. Yes dudes and dude-ettes, RAMAB is back and we’re bringing more reviews, more Tete-A-Tetes, and possibly even new features!! So just hold tight! Hold tight! Hold tight, hold tight, shigidey-bop!!


Amazingly STILL Undecided!

Jumping ahead a little bit to the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. After the latest trailer, I’m still on the fence about being excited for this. I have nothing against the Spider-Man character, I just feel its a little too soon to reboot this. Granted, this IS what happened with Hulk a few years ago but there was no established franchise there. I will say I like the shout-out back to the comics with the mechanical web shooters, and Gwen Stacey, and all; but the costume just doesn’t work for me. It looks like he’s wearing a red and blue tire outfit. And, again, I just don’t feel ready for more Spider-Man yet…



It’s Go Time!!


Hey there true believers, with the Avengers literally just hours away prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Marvel movie marathon madness!! In case you haven’t figured it out kids, we here at RAMAB are embarrassingly excited for the coming of the Avengers. So, in celebration and to flaunt our geek-dom proudly on our sleeves, we will be bringing you a series of reviews leading up to our review of the Avengers on Monday. Going through the line-up, you will get: Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and finally the Avengers!! So hold on tight and get ready for the most fun filled experience this side of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!!!


It is time!…just about


With less than a week to go, I’m dangerously close to foaming at the mouth from anticipatory excitement for The Avengers!!! Again, I can barely put into intelligible words how excited I am for this. It’s happening soon, I’m gonna be there, I MAY pee myself and I will definitely hyperventilate….again!!!


Worth a look

So new pics of Django Unchained came out this week.  If you didn’t know, this is Quentin Tarantino’s new film about a bounty-hunting ex-slave and his mission to free his wife from a villainous plantation owner.

Now we’ve seen Tarantino’s signature brand of revenge for crimes against humanity; I mean once you’ve tackled Nazis, I guess slave owners are the next logical choice.  The cast looks amazing (Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Christoph Waltz, and Leonardo DiCaprio) and really, when you see that picture and its badassery, you can’t tell me you’re not excited too.  Just thought it was worth a mention.