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Pixar’s (self-proclaimed) greatest defender is put to the test.

My loyalty to Pixar has been severely tested, even after Cars 2! I’ve finally gone to see Brave and doing so has put me in a bit of a corner. I haven’t felt this insecure in my fandom since 1999 when Phantom Menace came out and there was that whole Jar-Jar incident. Luckily, this wasn’t even half as harsh a blow as that….




The Girl Who Kicked the Xenomorph’s Nest

Ridley Scott comes back to the world of a sci-fi with Prometheus. His third go at the genre and a very exciting prospect. I’ll admit I STILL haven’t finished Blade Runner but I’ve seen Alien and loved it. Henceforth, my excitement for this “follow-up, prequel, sequel” was at an alarming level.


This movie didn’t disappoint. Matching the original in some places with intensity and between Charlize being unnecessarily hot, and OF COURSE my favorite Noomi Rapace always looking good, (they also happen to be darned good actresses) I had a great time with this one and long for more of Ridley Scott’s take on this unique world of science fiction. Check out the review below.


One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch

So, since last week people have been asking me if I’m going to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  They say, it’s right up my alley; fractured fairy tales with balls and Chris Hemsworth (I didn’t know those were the things that predominately made up my alley, but I guess they are.  It’s a niche alley, what can I say).  They say, the movie looks great, and I agree.  There are visuals in the extended trailer that are honestly arresting. But then, a wince of apology crosses their face as the proposal inevitably turns to the awkward, wheezing elephant in the room: Kristen Stewart.

Here’s the thing: She works in the Twilight movies because she just fades into the rest of the terrible that makes them up.  She’s part of the complex pattern of a particularly crappy Magic Eye picture that, if you stare at long enough and are really, really lucky, you can make out the faint outline of a plot.  But in Huntsman, a movie with cinematography, production value, and actual acting, poor thing sticks out like a sore, perpetually confused thumb.

Since my general reaction to its leading lady is “bleh” and I don’t want to distract other theater goers with that sound every time she comes on screen, I will not be seeing Snow White and the Huntsman, not in movie theaters anyway.  But my apologies to Charlize and Chris, strong and silent victims in this whole thing.

– Aquisha

…Are we too late for the shawarma? The Ridiculously Awesome (and late) Avengers Review!

Hey!  Hey there, Loki!  How…how you doing, guy?  Yeah.  Listen, we know, you were waiting for this Avengers review.  Yeah, we know it’s like a month late.  And yes, yes, we recognize that you’re in big plans to wreck the cosmos.  We’re sorry.  Like, really, really sorry.  Better late than never, right?  So, uh, how’s about not killing us, huh?  Huh?  HUH?

Here it is, folks!  Slightly charred from where Loki hit us with his Tesseract-powered staff, the review for Marvel’s The Avengers!

All I Want for Christmas is a Renegade, Revenge-Maddened Former Slave with a Shotgun!

So the trailer for Django Unchained has been released.  I’m excited for two reasons: First the movie looks like a lot of fun.  All the things we’ve come to love about Tarantino, complete with grit, violence, a stoically bad-ass protagonist, and nonchalant dialogue commenting on gratuitously horrific scenes of inhumanity.  Just what anyone would want in a feel-good Christmas movie.  I mean, even if it’s just Inglorious Basterds with slavery…IT’S INGLORIOUS BASTERDS WITH SLAVERY!  See, win-win.  Second, this gives me a legitimate reason to root against Leonardo DiCaprio (haven’t liked the guy since Titantic.  I know it’s irrational but no argument will dissuade me, trust me).

Here’s the trailer in case you missed it.  Get excited people.

Excitement! Crazy, crazy excitement!!

The Impromptu Harry Potter Week (and a half and two thirds or whatever) is now over. The final review is up and it’s time to look ahead a bit. Although I am intensely excited for Prometheus, which is out now, my excitement for a film coming later this year has intensified to a stupefying level once again. Over at thehobbitblog.com my anticipation was re-invigorated by the latest video blog that gave a studio tour of where The Hobbit is being filmed.


My main excitement for this flick comes from the fact that its creators brought us The Lord of the Rings trilogy. With Pete Jackson back at the helm, almost everyone returning in the crew, and a few choice cast members back as well, the excellent quality of this film is pretty much guaranteed. The Rings trilogy is a film saga of truly epic proportions. I loved everything about those films and, clearly, it excites me to no end seeing basically everyone that worked on them return to Middle-Earth to provide us another fantastic and roaring adventure!!