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Excitement! Crazy, crazy excitement!!

The Impromptu Harry Potter Week (and a half and two thirds or whatever) is now over. The final review is up and it’s time to look ahead a bit. Although I am intensely excited for Prometheus, which is out now, my excitement for a film coming later this year has intensified to a stupefying level once again. Over at thehobbitblog.com my anticipation was re-invigorated by the latest video blog that gave a studio tour of where The Hobbit is being filmed.


My main excitement for this flick comes from the fact that its creators brought us The Lord of the Rings trilogy. With Pete Jackson back at the helm, almost everyone returning in the crew, and a few choice cast members back as well, the excellent quality of this film is pretty much guaranteed. The Rings trilogy is a film saga of truly epic proportions. I loved everything about those films and, clearly, it excites me to no end seeing basically everyone that worked on them return to Middle-Earth to provide us another fantastic and roaring adventure!!



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