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Superman…a theif?!?!

Two new trailers for the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, have now been released and it is with slight reluctance and perhaps a bit more consternation that I provide them below (the Jor-El version and the Jonathan Kent version). My issue with the trailers stands as thus: “Pretty Boy” Zack Snyder has once again used the music from another film in his trailer. Last time it was the Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning” for the Watchmen trailer. That one actually worked for me because A) the song is BLOODY brilliant, go listen to it now! And 2) since the song was originally on the soundtrack for Batman & Robin, none of us really minded Snyde’s recycling of it. NOW, however, he has placed music from The Fellowship of the Ring in the new Man Of Steel trailer and I just wonder…did he think none of us would notice???




The Dark Knight Rises with triumph and tragedy…

Hey there Bat-fans! The day has come at last, the day of Gotham’s reckoning. That’s according to Bane anyway. Our Bat-a-thon is officially over and the reviews for Christopher Nolan’s now complete Dark Knight trilogy (as well as the Burton-verse classics) are up and you can read them all here before you go see Batman battle it out with Bane in the streets of Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises!!

And while the film was met with success, the world reminds us why we need a real hero like Batman around. As some already know, a terrible tragedy struck a theatre in Colorado last night during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises (full details here). Whether or not you have any interest in the movie or in Batman at all, at least spare a thought or prayer or whatever it is that you do for the people of Aurora, Colorado.


…not the hero we deserve but the one we need.

The Legend Ends…Tonight!


It’s that time of year again!  Buff out the dents in the Tumbler and start eating gravel for that Batman voice: The Dark Knight Rises gets released tonight!

Now, not to be a portent of doom but last night I had a dream where nothing of the trailer was in the movie.  No Bane, no football players running on a crumbling field, nothing. Horror, I know!  But, nightmares aside, I’m tentatively hopeful for TDKR, especially since between the trailer and the cast list, it looks like Inception if you switched out Leonardo DiCaprio for Batman.  I ask you, what’s wrong with that?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing is wrong with that.

So go, friends.  Go and experience The Dark Knight Rises, whatever that turns out to be.  And may vengeance and the night go with you!

– Aquisha

“This town needs an enema!!”

As a kid, this was one of my favorite lines from Tim Burton’s Batman. At the time, I was too young to know how inappropriate it was to say, with great enthusiasm, at such public places as the grocery or the library. It would be many years later when I learned what an enema really was and realized what I was saying actually meant. Now, I still say it and feel no shame or embarrassment! Point is, the first of the Bat-athon is up here! Check the original post for more reviews.


“You get an enema! You get an enema! Everyone gets an enema!!!”

As the night falls the Dark Knight Rises…


As the Dark Knight begins to Rise, excitement here at RAMAB is at an alarming level for the return of the Caped Crusader. In preparation for the epic conclusion of the Nolanverse Batman saga, we will take a trip back in time, revisit, and review the major cinematic history of the Batman. That’s right folks, not only will we go back to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but we will go back to Tim Burton’s seminal classic Batman, the follow-up Batman Returns (as if any of you have forgotten about those), and just for you dear followers we will suffer the pains of Batman Forever as well as the unexplained horrors that is Batman & Robin (as much as many of you may try to pretend THOSE two don’t exist). So Bat-friends, suit up, gear up, get your Bat-tootsie on, and keep checking back as we walk down the Bat-memory lane of films and prepare for The Dark Knight Rises!!


Still doing whatever a spider can…

Is the Amazing Spider-Man truly amazing??? Click the link and find out what we at the RAMAB have to say. And remember, Excelsior!!!



The Eighth Wonder Of The World!!

That’s right kids, for you few and faithful visitors of the RAMAB, the latest review is for an epic remake by a little known director called Peter Jackson, whom once directed a small picture called the Lord of the Rings trilogy and is currently working on something called the Hobbit. But for now, we present to you a review of King Kong. And stay tuned, or keep coming back as there will be LOADS of new content coming in soon!!