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As the night falls the Dark Knight Rises…


As the Dark Knight begins to Rise, excitement here at RAMAB is at an alarming level for the return of the Caped Crusader. In preparation for the epic conclusion of the Nolanverse Batman saga, we will take a trip back in time, revisit, and review the major cinematic history of the Batman. That’s right folks, not only will we go back to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but we will go back to Tim Burton’s seminal classic Batman, the follow-up Batman Returns (as if any of you have forgotten about those), and just for you dear followers we will suffer the pains of Batman Forever as well as the unexplained horrors that is Batman & Robin (as much as many of you may try to pretend THOSE two don’t exist). So Bat-friends, suit up, gear up, get your Bat-tootsie on, and keep checking back as we walk down the Bat-memory lane of films and prepare for The Dark Knight Rises!!



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