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Back With A Bang: new reviews, Hobbit Day, and more!!!

At long last!! The Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog is finally back from vacation and we are bringing the goods! In case you may have missed them, we have three new reviews ready for your perusal; we give you The Expendables 2, Wild Wild West, and Up. So go, read, enjoy, disagree (perhaps), discuss, and bring on the web traffic!

While we were away, we had the pleasure of observing Hobbit Day (Sep. 22) by spending the weekend on the full Hobbit eating schedule AND by enjoying a few new Hobbit treats. Again, we are stupidly excited (to the point of slight obsession and excessive drooling) for the release and the Hobbit flicks; which are now being made into trilogy (see full deets here). And below you will see two new posters for the flick and the 2nd, much more epic, and geek-boner inspiring trailer.


Hobbit trailer 2


And lastly, for you few, proud citizens of these world-wide webs and RAMAB followers; news of things. First off, the T-A-T is making a comeback. That’s right folks, that Ridiculously Awesome feature you all know and love will be coming back at you sometime in the future. AND we are pleased to announce and Ridiculously Awesome new feature for your reading and/or debating pleasure: the Ridiculously Awesome Small Screen Departures (working title)!!! As the title hopefully dictates, this will be a somewhat regular feature in which, although billing ourselves as a movie blog, we will veer off the tried and true path of cinema and venture into the realm of the boob tube! In short, we will take time to cover a TV show that we enjoy and think are worth a very honorable mention on the blog. So stay tuned, stay abreast, and check back with us for all of your future, creamy benefits!!!