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Here at last!!!

It’s been advertised, we’ve been waiting, and now the Iron Man 3 trailer has arrived. After seeing it, and living through Avengers, little else seems as epic. Sure there was Dark Knight Rises, but that Iron Man 3 trailer did very little to blow my hair back. Not that it was bad; it had some interesting and somewhat dramatic moments, the Iron Patriot suit looks pretty badass and Ben Kingsley’s voice over as the Mandarin sounds pretty awesome. Of course only time will tell exactly just what level of amazing Iron Man 3 will be on, but until then I must admit that there was absolutely NO geek-boner to be had from this trailer (see below).




Where ARE we and what are we doing!????!


So, tomorrow marks the day when the first Iron Man 3 teaser/trailer/whatever you wanna call it drops. I would first like to admit that I am almost as excited as a kid on Christmas about this but I arrive at this moment with some inner conflict. While I am excited to know there will, very soon, be an official trailer for Iron Man 3; do we really need a teaser for the trailer? Have we gotten to a place where the hype for and release of a trailer for a movie is almost as important as the hype for and release of the movie it’s teasing?? I mean, is it just me or is having a teaser announcing the trailer/teaser/preview of a movie seem a little bit redundant……??

In any event, yay for Iron Man 3!!!!