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That Phantom Menace Incident


What?! Yousa no liken mesa?!?!

As the review for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is underway, I find myself contemplating an interesting and potentially distressing dilemma. Peter Jackson and George Lucas are both titan sized icons in the realm of geek-dom. They both are responsible for a universe that has been embraced not only by those of us that ‘normies’ would call geeks, but has also been accepted, in varying degrees, by the popular culture of the normal folk. The creations of these two have ever been the ammunition for many a dispute between the con venturers and cosplayers alike. The argument of which trilogy is better (citing only the ‘Original’ Star Wars trilogy) is a point of contention for those to stubborn to live and let live and perhaps go so far as to coexist and co-habitate. Unfortunately we now reach a point in which these two legends of our world have more in common that some would like and something in common that no one really wants. With the promise of a Hobbit trilogy, good ole Pete Jackson now steps into the province of one George Lucas with a prequel trilogy. That’s right, I said it! Peter Jackson is pulling a G.L. with a prequel trilogy to the epic Rings saga. What does this mean?? Well for those of you NOT keeping score, these two have each provided a great and groundbreaking trilogy, accepted the world over, that has had a massive if not insane following. They both have gone back and made a few tweaks to their work (yes, Pete Jackson too with his extended versions of the Rings trilogy, which I actually prefer) and they have both gone back to the well to tell a little back story with a new set of films. Of course, many arguments can be made in defense of Pete Jackson’s move here. Yes, Jackson has great source material to draw from; but then if you look at what Lucas came up with on his own…pretty impressive. “But the first part of the Hobbit is already comparatively better than Phantom Menace!”, you say. Yes, this may be true; but as we do not yet know what the future holds, it is not certain that we won’t have an Attack Of The Clone/Hayden Christensen situation on our hands. Plus, there was that Radagast the Brown character…..just saying!





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