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Looking Better There, Tin Head!!

Until recently, I’ve been more excited about the new Star Trek flick than Iron Man 3.  This is a very surreal statement for me as I am known as a supreme Star Wars fan (which in geek terms means I’m not even supposed to like Star Trek) and, thus far, the Iron Man series has been the best Marvel Studios has had to offer, which is significant when considering how unsuspectingly good Thor is! When the first trailer for Iron Man 3 finally hit; I found it with a very decidedly lukewarm reaction. I felt slightly underwhelmed by it and found myself wondering where Marvel Studios could go after their juggernaut hit The Avengers.  Plus, Star Trek: Into Darkness just looks plain amaze-balls; and a huge part of that is, I think, due to the contribution from one Benedict Cumberbatch (the most Ridiculously Awesome British name) who is blowing up right now and has the chops to back his rising star up. Disbelief have you?? Go watch him in Sherlock RIGHT NOW and prove us otherwise!!

But I digress, after not watching much of the “Big Game” but luckily catching the Iron Man 3 spot, I must say that things are beginning to look more inciting when concerning the adventures of Tony Stark. Yet again, one must be constantly aware, when in this specific position.  Will this be another X3/Spider-Man 3 incident?? One of course hopes not, but we cannot be too careful. Now check out the two spots below and prepare to salivate!!



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