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Sorta in need of an intervention!

So I have a bit of a multifaceted problem! First off: I CAN’T stop watching the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer. Even after the thirteenth time today, it just looks sssooo fun and exciting and dope and I just might pee myself (from sheer excitement) to death before the movie actually comes out!! I may actually need to be Vulcan neck pinched to calm my nerves!!


Just put me out of EVERYONE’S misery, Mr. Spock!!

Second: because of Mr. Abrams and his new take on Star Trek I have become a bit of a closet Trekkie. But here lies my issue; being such a HUGE Star Wars nerd I am fundamentally disallowed, by all natures of the Force, to be a fan of Star Trek by any shape or form.  I am to be, in my very core, diametrically opposed to this Trek noise!! However, I am now watching the original series and planning on re-watching (because, to be honest, I did watch some Star Trek as a kid before I knew any better) every subsequent iteration of the Trek series that followed.

But I digress, the fact is that Star Trek reboot flick WORKS and the sequel looks to be on the path to being just as RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. Therefore, I shall live long and prosper while the Force is with me!!



Ridiculously Awesome TV: Doctor Who

I know this is the Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog, but DStarB and I both have a few television shows that we find Ridiculously Awesome!  So we’re going to try and give small shout outs to them every once in while.  To kick off these bouts of small screen praise, I’d like to explore my feelings about the “new season” of the longest running sci-fi show in television history, the incomparable Doctor Who:

Doctor Who Bells of St. John

Oh, I’ve missed you, friend! (credit: hollywood reporter)

It seems like our favorite Gallifreyan is taking the old adage of “spring cleaning” to both hearts.  With a new companion, a new suit, and a spiffy new look for the Tardis, the Doctor is finally ready to shake off the past and move forward.  Good for you, buddy!  It’s been hard for all of us but it’s not healthy, moping about on clouds, hiding from the world and the lesbian lizard women who care about you.  We need this, trust me.

I know; the Doctor loved Amy and Rory.  I did too!  They were amazing and compelling in that they worked both as characters in their own unit and as companions to the Doctor.  And since they’ve been taken from us, I turned my grief into something productive and I’ve evaluated my relationship with the Doctor and the Ponds.  Any breakup hurts, especially a good one where the feelings stayed strong.  But even the best partnerships have problems and by the end of their run with the Doctor, the cracks were starting to show (Ha!  Cracks!  Get it?!).  It’s unfortunate and a little unfair because the characters themselves never lost their footing, as is often the case: Amy’s endearing sass and Rory’s patience and eventual deaths were always to my satisfaction.  But it was their storyline that got away from me.  I felt like we got into this codependent cycle of them worrying about the Doctor and the Doctor worrying about them while I was worried about all three of them (and River!), never making any real headway because we all cared about one another too much to be productive.  I mean really, what did we accomplish in season 6?  We found out who River Song was and that happened halfway through it.  What was the rest of the season but a bunch of stand alone episodes you couldn’t really enjoy because you were still fraught with concern?  (The exception to this being “The Girl Who Waited” which ripped my heart out through my tear ducts.)

As much as I loved them, I think it’s good that we’ve said goodbye to Amy and Rory.  Now, both the Doctor and the audience are free to enjoy whatever comes our way, no strings attached.  I mean, we’re not going to whore it up or anything, but we can go on adventures just for the sake of adventure!  And yes, we’ve got Clara “Oswin” Oswald and her big mystery, but maybe it’ll be more like a Bad Wolf thing, present but unobtrusive until some big ending climax.  But even if it’s not, even if we’re getting ourselves into another Moffat-y maze of season-long puzzles, at least it’s a new puzzle.

So in conclusion, I leave you with a potentially nauseating yet apt verse:  Yay for spring, yay for new, and yay for more of Doctor Who!

Falling Short Of Greatness



Oh, the once merry old land of Oz. That’s right, here at the Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog present to you a review of Oz the Great and Powerful….or Oz the Lame and Unnecessary more like!  Friends, I have to warn you, if you are a fan of any Oz rendition, this flick is almost certain to disappoint.  If you are at all on the fence about it, check out the review and decide for yourself if you wanna give it a go and rebel against the fodder we are being fed and help Hollywood learn its lesson.  Either way, here it is!!

Oz the Great and Powerful


Fast Times at Hogwarts High


The best stories start with pumpkin juice…

As a fan of both the Harry Potter books and movies, it was inevitable that I would eventually make the pilgrimage to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

And what better excuse would I have than to celebrate my best friend’s birthday (whose books I borrowed in my first reading of the series, no less).  What follows is our less than adult romp through the theme park dedicated to The Boy Who Lived.

New Ridiculously Awesome Review: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Movie PosterI think there were a lot of unsung heroes in last year’s group of animated films (I’m looking at you Paranorman!), one of which was Rise of the Guardians.  For those of you with interests in fandoms, this little film has managed to find a niche (and some cool fanart) and I hope to help it grow!  It really is a nice film that finally does what so many films promise: putting a new twist on fables and folklore.  Guardians does that very well and beautifully to boot.

It’s out on Blu-ray and DVD this week so if you were on the fence about it when it was in theaters, do yourself a favor and go for it now that it’s been released!

Remember Lois and Clark? I Do!

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’ve been wanting to write a something about Lois and Clark for a while now: I know I’m not alone in saying that I grew up loving that show!  Well, publicity is starting to get underway for Man of Steel (yay!) and it seemed like a perfect time to talk about L&C as my first introduction to the big boy in blue and what happened the last time I went down re-boot road with Supes.

Then, Dean Cain’s going to be at Mega Con in Orlando this weekend (so jealous if any of you are going), so it was a sign!  I can keep quiet no longer!  I love me some Lois and Clark and now everyone will know!  Enjoy in the link below and comment if you’re a fan of this piece of 90s awesomeness!

Why Jack’s Failure Might Not Be All That Bad

The entertainment talk of the last two weeks is the abysmal showing that Bryan Singer’s gigantic action/fantasy flick Jack the Giant Slayer has made over the last two weekends.  A lot of people probably saw this coming: it’s another overly rendered, hip retelling of a classic folk tale and that has been done quite a bit lately.  However, redundancy hasn’t stopped the genre to finding its comfortable niche and people still go out and see them.  From Alice in Wonderland to Snow White and Huntsman, these movies have for the most part found audiences.  And this weekend (if my Facebook newsfeed is to be believed), plenty of people will be drinking the eerily life-like digital Kool-Aid with Oz: The Great and Powerful. But with all that said, I would just like it noted that in this one instance, theater go-ers looked at what Hollywood re-packaged as fresh and shiny, called them on it, and said, “pass”.   We proved that a familiar story, an orgy of effects, and a visionary director do not a successful or, more importantly, a good movie make.  Congratulations, guys!  If we did it once we can do it again, and maybe in time, Hollywood will get the hint.

*And hey, for further reading, here’s an article that I found interesting, How Hollywood Copes with Disaster.  Kinda makes you wonder why it’s so hard to make good progress in Tinsel Town, huh?

Yes, Yes, and more Yes!!

Finally, the preview we’ve been waiting for has arrived. I have just seen a new trailer for Iron Man 3, and I must say it is good! After the major event that was The Avengers, its kind of hard to see where, narratively and spectacle-ly, the sequels of the individual characters can go. Nevertheless, we will be getting another Captain America, a new Thor, and  yet another Iron Man. While there have been no looks at Cap and Thor (other than a few pics) footage for the Tin-Head has been dropping frequently in preparation of its May 3rd release. (which is excitingly close if you really think about it)  This new spot for Iron Man 3 rings with the same type of epic conclusion of that Ridiculously Awesome Avengers trailer that gave us that first look at that giant, Chitauri, flying, dragon, lizard thing that, at the time, none one really knew what it was but we all still pissed our pants at and thought it was one of the most amazing things your little geek brain could fathom. (shut up, you know you felt the same way!!)  In closing, here is the latest Iron Man 3 trailer for you to thoroughly appreciate!! What the heck, Excelsior!!