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Why Jack’s Failure Might Not Be All That Bad

The entertainment talk of the last two weeks is the abysmal showing that Bryan Singer’s gigantic action/fantasy flick Jack the Giant Slayer has made over the last two weekends.  A lot of people probably saw this coming: it’s another overly rendered, hip retelling of a classic folk tale and that has been done quite a bit lately.  However, redundancy hasn’t stopped the genre to finding its comfortable niche and people still go out and see them.  From Alice in Wonderland to Snow White and Huntsman, these movies have for the most part found audiences.  And this weekend (if my Facebook newsfeed is to be believed), plenty of people will be drinking the eerily life-like digital Kool-Aid with Oz: The Great and Powerful. But with all that said, I would just like it noted that in this one instance, theater go-ers looked at what Hollywood re-packaged as fresh and shiny, called them on it, and said, “pass”.   We proved that a familiar story, an orgy of effects, and a visionary director do not a successful or, more importantly, a good movie make.  Congratulations, guys!  If we did it once we can do it again, and maybe in time, Hollywood will get the hint.

*And hey, for further reading, here’s an article that I found interesting, How Hollywood Copes with Disaster.  Kinda makes you wonder why it’s so hard to make good progress in Tinsel Town, huh?


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