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A Bug’s Life (1998)

Right, so I will preface this review by stating that I am a pretty big fan of Pixar. In fact, one may go so far as to say that I am Pixar’s greatest defender. That being said, I will do my utmost to be as objective as I can possibly be. Now, I present my take on A Bug’s Life.

Like many of you that were actually around at the time, I did see this sophomore effort from Pixar as a kid but had not seen it since until about half a year ago. Though I approached this film now with a completely different perspective, I found that it had the same, or similar, general effect on me. In short, this movie is just fun!! As the film started, I was instantly swept away to a magical, albeit miniature, wonderland of sorts that I didn’t leave (nor did I want to) until the credits rolled. Pixar, for the second time at this point, flex their impressive writing muscles by providing a story that is both familiar but has a fresh and interesting twist to the classic ant and grasshopper tale. The jokes still hold up (over a decade later) and balance perfectly with the few dramatic moments and exciting sequences.

The voice acting also works really well for me here. Of course we all love Heimlich (voiced by Pixar’s character genius, the late Joe Ranft) but the other characters have just as much life in them. Most of the actors present, which are relatively big names ranging from David Hyde Pierce to Roddy McDowall to Hayden Panettiere (before she was legal and hot) and so many more, bring performances that make the actors almost unrecognizable but in a good way. Kevin Spacey in particular provides a menacing and unrecognizable presentation as the evil Hopper.

Obviously, Pixar has become well-known for taking such leaps and bounds with the technological advances of CG film making. This movie is no different; one of the most impressive things throughout the film is its visual scope. No, of course the characters and the environments aren’t photo-realistic but they are beautiful nonetheless (especially if you get the chance to watch in hi-def). The characters are wonderfully rendered, not looking cheap or plastic. And the vistas, surrounding the ant island especially, are at times breath-taking. In short, Pixar delivers yet another gem from their mine of hits that is an enjoyable, escaping, good time.

  • When it comes to A Bug’s Life, “the Force is strong with this one.”


Wanna know what’s with the strange, out-of-place quote that seems to refer to the movie. That’s its rating, head over to RAMARS!!! to make sense of it all.


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