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Welcome, you mighty travellers of these World Wide Webs, to The Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog, guide, and whatnot as presented to you by Aquisha and Dexter.

  • As she is known in certain circles, Aquisha, the eighth daughter of Triton, is a MASTER of Disney lore and a defender of its quality. The lithe form of this Ravenclaw graduate, while adept at water bending, belies her fervent spirit for the blade and bow.
  • Dexter, or DStarB as he likes to refer to himself, is a self-proclaimed grey side Jedi hailing from the glorious plains of Rohan. While obviously an alumnus of the Slytherin house, he has a tough as nails and completely METAL exterior that he uses to shield and hide his softer and generally more humane side.

Together they are two stalwart and budding ‘geeks’ living on the outskirts of popularity, trying to find depth in and give meaning to their intense connection with comic books, sci-fi and fantasy, video games, and other such nonsense that ‘normal people’ view as strange. In other words they are just really big fans of this stuff and here they discuss, at considerable length, ‘geek’ film, life (‘geek and otherwise), and their constant disgruntlement with Hollywood’s inconsistancy with making good decisions.


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  2. I would like to nominate you for Leibster Award! Follow the link to my site, and then if you would like to accept the nomination follow the steps listed.


    Happy Blogging!

    19/03/2013 at 03:26

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