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Iron Man 3 Ridiculously Awesome Review!

DownloadedFileWell everyone, Summer 2013 starts with a repulser blast as Iron Man 3 kicks off blockbuster season (not to mention Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!)!  Below you’ll find our takes on the flick (beware, there will be SPOILERS) with mine first and DStarB’s to follow shortly.  For the time being, if you’ve got some time between your Extremis injections, take minute to read our thoughts on Iron Man 3!


New Ridiculously Awesome Review: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Movie PosterI think there were a lot of unsung heroes in last year’s group of animated films (I’m looking at you Paranorman!), one of which was Rise of the Guardians.  For those of you with interests in fandoms, this little film has managed to find a niche (and some cool fanart) and I hope to help it grow!  It really is a nice film that finally does what so many films promise: putting a new twist on fables and folklore.  Guardians does that very well and beautifully to boot.

It’s out on Blu-ray and DVD this week so if you were on the fence about it when it was in theaters, do yourself a favor and go for it now that it’s been released!

The Chains Are Broken!!


Yea, I know. REAAALLL bad word play there!!! But it doesn’t matter, the one you’ve been waiting for is here and it delivers.  That’s right kids, Django Unchained is here and it’s every bit of the movie your mothers were warning you about.  What does that mean?? Is it inappropriate? Will I be embarrassed to watch it with me mum??  Well let’s hope not, but that can only be if your mother is not some uptight stick in the mud, desperately trying to shield you from the horrors of the world; but let’s put it this way: if Les Miserables is too scandalous for the like of your mother dearest, then, yes of course, you shouldn’t see it with her.  But by all means, rebel! Break free! Be like Django and then go see Django!!!…..just remember, before you go and feel all proud  of yourself for finally standing up for yourself, Django endured the hardships of slavery and here you come finally busting out of your parents’ house and/or basement!!


MMMM MMMM, bitch!!!


Return of the 8-bit!!


Yes, you read right. Just like that B.A. bounty hunter from that galaxy far, far away, you can’t keep the 8-bit down!!  What does that have to do with the RAMAB, you say??  It means that we’ve got a brand new content up for you viewing/reading pleasure or displeasure.  As the title and picture would suggest, this one has something to do with that good ole 8-bit format.  Sadly no, we’re not bring you news that Hollywood has finally decided to make that Legend of Zelda live action movie you’ve been secretly pining for. Instead I humbly give you a somewhat late review of Disney Animation Studio’s dive into the world of classic arcade gaming, Wreck-It Ralph.  So go read on and game on, and respect the return of retro!!



A Slew of New RAMARs!

This assortment of movies is highly illogical

Hey everyone! Today I’m putting up some Ridiculously Awesome Reviews of a really random group of movies. Yep, it’s a grab bag of film goodness! You have your pick from Star Trek, Toys, Wrath of the Titans, and Van Helsing. Do they have anything in common? No! Was there any rhyme or reason for picking these? Absolutely not! But don’t worry about things like posts making coherent sense. There are new reviews to read! Get going!

It’s Go Time!!


Hey there true believers, with the Avengers literally just hours away prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Marvel movie marathon madness!! In case you haven’t figured it out kids, we here at RAMAB are embarrassingly excited for the coming of the Avengers. So, in celebration and to flaunt our geek-dom proudly on our sleeves, we will be bringing you a series of reviews leading up to our review of the Avengers on Monday. Going through the line-up, you will get: Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and finally the Avengers!! So hold on tight and get ready for the most fun filled experience this side of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!!!


“Come son of Jor-El. Kneel before Zod!!”


That’s right folks!! The latest take here at RAMAB is about Superman II. Click the link and peep the insight for the second adventure of the only guy to get away with flying around in a blue unitard with red briefs on top!!




Ever find yourself wondering what do lizards and hillbillies have in common. Let’s hope none of us get that desperate, but if so fear not, we’ve got a fix for you. Check out the two latest takes in our reviews section:


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil




With The Avengers coming in less than a week, excitement is mounting to a ridiculous level. With all the good that is coming out of this, I pay my respects to the man responsible. Stan Lee. Without Stan Lee there’d be no Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, and so many other things. This man’s contribution to the world of comics is partly responsible for the genre comics has turned into. So with that in mind, I say thanks Stan Lee.


Oh! There you are, Peter!

So for my first RAMAR, I have gone with Hook, a tried and true movie of my childhood.  This was the movie I used to pop into the VHS in the dawning hours of Sunday mornings before my mom was up.  By the time the sun was out, Pan was having at that “dark and sinister man” while I was trying to imitate their duel with the plastic sword I got at the circus.  Good times.

Here’s the link to the review, and to sweeten the deal, here’s Pogo’s cool remix clipped together from scenes and music from the movie!