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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (2010)


Finally, it’s here. The war for Hogwarts is at hand. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows marks a meeting of fates, the last stand between Harry and Voldemort with all of wizard kind hanging in the balance. This is part one.

With the opening shots of the film, the importance and weight of what is happening and what’s about to happen is made evident. The tale that is about to unfold is one of epic drama and sacrifice. The dark time that were often times mentioned in the years previous are DEFINITELY here. Harry’s importance and the danger he now faces are severely magnified. Most of those supporting Harry are clearly willing to do anything for him. Through their actions and commitment it’s shown how far they will go, but not necessarily for Harry himself but for the peace and safety of the wizarding world and it’s future. On the other end, Voldemort has slipped into a place of slight desperation. His already erratic behavior is kicked up and he’s more unpredictable than ever. Some of his supporters are showing signs of uncertainty, becoming disheveled, and outright fear of their master. But as the quest to settle this conflict presses on, the rich history of the wizarding world returns. The stakes for this film are infinitely higher.

There are few new characters, and therefore actors, in this flick. Bill Nighy makes a few brief appearances as the new Minister of Magic. But it’s in the subtle and nuanced performances of the returning actors that bring a dramatic gravity to this one. As the Three kids, now adults by wizard standards, embark on their journey the tension between them mounts. Rupert Grint, as Ron Weasley, really steps up and comes into his own in these scenes. And Emma Watson, as Hermione, has a very chilling exchange with Bellatrix.

Now that the war is in full swing, things are much more visually dynamic. The first action scene of the film full of energy and excitement and sets the frantic look for the rest of the action. Effects are also vastly improved this time around. There are some very ambitious effects in some shots that ad executed quite nicely. Even the shots with Hagrid and other characters are more believable and less obvious. Although the film has an exciting pace earlier on things begin to slow down a bit, and can be a little confusing when exposition is sped through, as the Three are on the run and are trying figure out what to do. But with an intense story to pull from and highly improved visuals, part one of the Deathly Hallows,

  • “the Force is strong with this one.”
  • -DStarB

    Does the mention of the Force when discussing Harry Potter disturb you?? The. Calm yourself and head over to RAMARS!!! to understand why its done.


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