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John Carter (2012)

I’m a little late but, I’ve just gone to see John Carter. I will start by admitting that I went with very little interest in this movie, but as I got to see it for free I figured I would give it a shot. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie and had an enjoyable time. Now here goes.

There was a little exposition provided at the beginning of the film, that was much needed, that gave me just enough information to keep moving forward in the story although some of the names of characters and locations were hard to keep straight. For about the first two thirds of the film, I found it hard to care about John Carter himself. His nonchalant attitude made it hard for me to want to follow him, and his impending predicament, for the rest of the movie. I mean, if the main character of the movie doesn’t care about anything, why should I? Then there was John Carter’s situation. As the trailers told us, John Carter is a man of Earth that finds himself on Mars in the midst of a civil war. Being from Earth give John Carter an almost superpower advantage over the indigenous beings of Mars. And it seemed a little convenient to me that John Carter was the only person that could save Mars from its warring state and restore peace the the planet. And, from a personal level, I wish that just once I could see a movie like this and not have some sappy, sped up love story thrown at me. Perhaps it happened in the book so they had to hold true to it but, of course, John Carter meets the princess of Mars and knows her all of maybe a week and they’re in love and getting married by the end of it.

But enough ripping. There were some nice visuals in this flick. There were a few references to “white-apes” in the movie and at first I thought this was a derogatory slam against humans. Then, in a scene in an arena, a white ape came out and I was impressed at how impressive and intimidating it looked. Of the other creatures of Mars were the Thark. These were 12-foot tall lizard like being not as well made as the cat-people of Avatar but still were pretty well rendered. Being on Mars, I must say, did look fun. The way John Carter’s Earth strength was portrayed made me want to visit Mars just so I could run and jump around but not so much fulfill some destiny to save the planet. Technology on Mars is another shining element in this movie. The traveling city, the flying machine, the teleporters all looked great and mostly looked as if they would work if they were real.

So while the story wasn’t predictable and was easy enough to understand, it just felt typical. I assume this is because its based on an older book yet some of the elements of the story, especially the comedy elements, felt forcibly contemporary. On the whole though, I was able to follow the plot of the story, be entertained, and enjoy being transported to Mars for 2 hours and look at the environment and its princess.

  • To you John Carter I say, “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”




Last bullet-point throw you for a loop??  Head to RAMARS!!! to make sense of it all.


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