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Prometheus (2012)


At last. Ridley Scott makes his triumphant return to the realm of science fiction film. It’s a bit hard to believe that this is only his third time at bat in this genre but, at the end of the day, the man knows how to put together a bloody good sci-fi picture! Scott returns to a familiar world with the “follow-up, prequel, separate chapter” Prometheus.

Right from the top, this flick is visually striking. The breathtaking camera sweeps over the stunning locations. As mentioned, Ridley Scott returns to familiar territory with this flick and, being a fan of Alien, it’s a nice feeling coming back to and recognizing the look and feel of the world. As the film opens, much is introduced through the perspective of the android character David. This is a very interesting point of view to experience, one that hasn’t been seen before in the Alien franchise, and it lends an extra sense of weight to the character’s arc. As the plot moves forward and the direction of the story is made clear, there are a few more elements working than in the ‘other’ film. Here there is much more going on under the surface between all the major players in the narrative. There is much more tension in the latter portions of this flick as well. The narrative is a highly effective blend of tension and mystery as the characters discover things about the planet they are in and the truth about why they are there.

The caliber of actors in this picture is exciting and their performances don’t disappoint. Idris Elba brings in a great, relatable performance that is, sadly, all too brief. Charlize Theron displays beautifully an intense balancing act of confidence, authority, and just pure sexy. Noomi Rapace brought on an unexpected charm and innocence early on but then finished with a much expected but still thoroughly enjoyed intense and strong willed character. Yet, as mentioned before, the character David provides one of the most interesting perspectives in the film. Michael Fassbender shows an intricate use of nuance to bring an non-human feeling to his character. It’s especially clear early on the meticulous detail he put behind the character’s mannerisms and behavior.

As I mentioned earlier, the visuals of this flick are pretty astounding. The series of establishing shots through the movie are absolutely engaging. But there is one stand alone sequence that works masterfully by visual alone. There is very little, and non essential, dialogue in this sequence but the visual storytelling it utilizes is gripping to say the least. Between the editing and the composition of the shots, its easily the most tense and (teeth grittingly tense) sections of the movie. This flick finds its strength with its slick visuals and flourishes with a solid story told with superb acting. Whether or not Prometheus is a prequel or just a ‘separate story’ in the same world,

  • “The Force is strong with this one.”
  • -DStarB

    What’s that? How dare I cross pollinate Alien with Star Wars?!!?? Cool your jets, hot shot. Head over to RAMARS!!! and find out what this trouble is all about.


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