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RAMARS?!!? WTF??!!

“It’s a trap!!” “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.” “The Force is strong with this one.”

If you are here then you are asking, what’s with these random quotes at the end of the so called reviews?? What do all these things mean??! Well, as with any review like thing, there is a scale or system by which the film is rated. This is our unique way of detailing, in so many words, how much we like the films that are in our Reviews page. This is the RAMARS, or the Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Ratings System. Now, grab your writing utensils, hold on to your potatoes, and listen well for here is the breakdown of how it all works:

  • “The Force is strong with this one” – this denotes a movie that is liked. The film in question strikes a positive chord and creates a strong, as well as the appropriate, reaction. The story makes sense and can be followed. This is a movie that works well.
  • “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.” – exactly as it means. This movie will do. Though not quite abysmal, this flick could be a little better. It is enjoyable enough to sit through but creates nothing but indifference. While not offensive, this movie is what Cyndi Lauper sang about the Goonies: good enough.
  • “It’s a trap!!” – as most with common sense would do so with traps, tread cautiously and/or avoid if possible. This movie, for more reasons than one, is hard to swallow. It feels longer than it really is, may be more confusing than watching Inception backwards, and generally just leaves a bad taste in one’s eyes. ONE viewing of this type of flick is most likely one too many.
  • “The worst kind of bad” – perhaps sounding much worse than it actually is, this rating more or less denotes a guilty pleasure type of film. No, not that kind of guilty pleasure you get when that random Backstreet Boys song comes on (the one you know all the words to) that makes you joyously reminisce those old days as you sing or scream along, depending on your level of talent. Instead, this rating represents that kind of movie that is generally pretty awful and while you know and fully admit this, you somehow still get a kick out of watching it. Whether it be because you like making fun of the movie as it does so to itself or there is just some unyielding charm about it, this flick is the one your friends laugh at you for watching but, you still love it!

    So that’s pretty much the gist of it. If it makes sense to you then great and enjoy following along as we venture forth in this wasteland that is Hollywood’s repertoire. And if you can’t make sense of it, then you should talk about it or maybe you shouldn’t be living here!!! (look up Pierce Brosnan in Taffin to get that one)


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