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Rango (2011)


Yes. I may proclaim myself Pixar’s greatest champion, but I do like to give a fair shot to the other companies out there as I did with the legend of a lizard proclaiming himself Rango.

At first glance, this looked like just another kid’s picture attempting to cash in on the popularity of cg animation. However, what we have with Rango is a surprisingly mature, yet still fun, western. The story doesn’t take long to make sense of and once it’s there, it’s pretty straight forward. This flick also nicely captures the exciting and dramatic elements expected in any good western while giving them a slightly off-kilter flavour. This provides from some randomly hilarious (and adult) laughs. Being a fan a random humor, I really appreciated the style of the jokes here. And when they hit, they really had me laughing out loud.

As was known going into this movie, Johnny Depp is Rango. And as luck would have it (that’s sarcasm, kids) Mr. Depp delivers. Instantly, this little chameleon comes across as a relatable and flawed character. And, again, Johnny Depp just delivers the goods. Lizard Sparrow isn’t the only great performance here either; he’s supported by a cast of perfectly voiced characters, yet none stand out as much as Bill Nighy. Bill Nighy proves, yet again, that it just may be his calling to play ominous antagonists. His deliveries are unique to him, remain unmatched, and still fit each character better than a hand tailored glove. His work in Rango is no exception. He creates a creepy and ominous tone while maintaining that recognizable air with is signature endings to his lines.

While adamantly maintaining my loyalty to the ‘other folks’, I must say that this movie is definitely one of the most beautifully rendered things I’ve ever seen. The character models are crazily (and almost painfully) realistic looking. And although the majority of the story took place in the desert with not much to look at, I sometimes fooled myself into thinking the movie was filmed on location. Everything was just textured to near perfection and lit and shaded wonderfully. ILM clearly knows what they’re doing in the visuals department and will be a serious contender one day (again kids, sarcasm).

As fun, different, and funny as this story was, the structure was painfully obvious. The end of the second act was almost as badly telegraphed as the one in Titanic (you know, when they hit the iceberg). I was actually brought out of the film just enough for me to notice exactly how something dramatic and important would happen, and then everything would turn out for the better (kids like in Avatar).

So it would seem that there are other studios out there that can make a decent cg picture and Rango turns out to be one of those movies.

  • Rango, “that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”
  • -DStarB

    Again with the quotes!??! Well, if you were asking yourself that, you wouldn’t have to go to RAMARS!! for it to make sense now would you?


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