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Red State (2011)

I have now thrice survived the intense thrill ride known as Red State. Even in its third viewing this movie is just as fresh (if not more!!) as that canned fruit cup I found sitting in the cabinet from half a year ago and, I’ll tell you, that fruit cup was tasty!! Like a roller coaster the narrative of this picture has a slow, steady climb toward a breaking point that results in a massive fever pitch with an erratic, tension filled ride that started up and didn’t let me go.

Being a fan of Kevin’s writing, I especially liked how the writing and the acting blended to give a hale sense a reality and believability. John Goodman came as a very likeable ATF agent that almost made me want to go into law enforcement. Kerry Bishé provided an extremely earnest (though a bit breathy) and sympathetic character that was also easy on the eyes even in her times of utter duress. And the RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME character performance given by Michael Parks was absolutely bone chilling; he presented Abin Cooper in a perfect juxtaposition of divine insanity and all out creepiness.

Once in the he meat of the story its fast pace and intensity (that and the non working A/C in my apartment) had me literally sweating as I was plummeted toward one of the most interesting endings I’ve seen in a horror/thriller/suspense and sometimes comedy flick!! Kev Smith delivers a potent helping of extreme contrasts in under a hour and a half that can only be properly explained when experienced.

  • Henceforth I say of Red State, “the Force is strong with this one.”


Random quote at the end confuse you?? That’s our way of “rating” flicks. Wanna know what it means? Head over to the RAMARS!!! to find out


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