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The passing of an age

The RAMAB Toy Story celebration is at an end. This trilogy has ended in a most epic fashion by providing on the most heartfelt and entry in its cannon. This flick truly ToyStoryBestPalsrepresents the ending of an era for those of us they grew up much like Andy and had the privilege of growing up with him and the characters of Toy Story. And although we’ve been taken to task by some of our loyal readers out there for being behind the ball, I humbly disagree. I think it’s important to, now and again, look back and appreciate the great films we’ve experienced so that we can more aptly recognize and call out the fodder like Oz: The Greatly Stupid, The Host, Beautiful Creatures, and Catwoman…just to name a few. Yes, it’s healthy to go back and say, “hey, you know what, that WAS a good movie!” and this is totally the case with the Toy Story franchise. Also, just a thought, its nice to think back to that simpler time in life when all we needed were our toys and our imaginations and the world was ours. Thus the reason behind this little celebration, so go on, take a look at the Toy Story 3 review and let the discussing and reminiscing begin.





a matter of personal interest

In case you hadn’t jumped onto the bandwagon during that special time when comic book movies were in that silver, pre-Avengers, pre-Dark Knight age, then you may have missed a few gems from ‘back in the day’.  Namely I speak of Sin City!! Based on the amazing Frank Miller series and directed by renaissance man Robert Rodriguez, this flick changed the game for this genre before some of you even knew the game was being played.  The news that he has decide to return, with much of the original cast, to the material is exciting in of itself (yay, more Rosario!!) and this little teasing pic of what’s to come makes it that much more exciting!! Thank the make for Twitter that allows one to follow the genius of aRobert Rodriguez as well as feeling a connection to fit and talented birds I’d never have a shot at like Tricia Helfer!! But, I digress, @Rodriguez tweeted the Ridiculously Awesome pic below that makes me wanna pop in that Sin City dvd and watch that joint…..TONYGHT!!!!!

…I'm drivin!

…I’m drivin!


Impromptu Harry Potter Week!!


Just because we can, we here at RAMAB are hosting, as advertised above, an impromptu Harry Potter week. What does that mean? Well, to celebrate the world’s fascination with the messed up teenage life if some British kid, the majority of the content for the rest of the week will be Potter related. You get reviews on all 8 flicks, you get random posts on our Hogwarts inspired shenanigans, and more!! So check back with us all week (now thru Mon, May 28) for all the Potter fun!!

First up, a review for Sorcerer’s Stone

“Come son of Jor-El. Kneel before Zod!!”


That’s right folks!! The latest take here at RAMAB is about Superman II. Click the link and peep the insight for the second adventure of the only guy to get away with flying around in a blue unitard with red briefs on top!!


Outta The Park!!


I finally caved, jumped on the band wagon, and watched last year’s Moneyball last night. I say I caved because, as we all surely know, there was lots of buzz surrounding this movie during Oscar time and I tend to be diametrically opposed to following trends and popularity unless I’m into the subject pre-buzz. And I’ve been hard pressed to meet the sensible woman that didn’t wet themselves at the very mention of Brad Pitt. I get it, the dude is conventionally good looking but ladies, he DOES have quite the set of acting chops. Not wanting to write a fully formed review on it (..not the type of movie we’re trying to go for, but you can get a full review of it here), simply put this movie works. Mr. Pitt brings his aforementioned chops to the table in spades for this picture. Also, Jonah Hill shows a surprisingly deep and intelligent performance, proving how much range as an actor he has. These performances, mixed with a interesting true story basis adapted into a remarkable narrative, provide a fun and engaging watch that made me care about what would happen with the team. And I don’t even like baseball!!!


Crash, bang, good time!!

I go out tonite on Crash. If anyone hasn’t seen this one I highly recommend it!! It is an ensemble piece from 2004(ish) and the script is beautifully woven together, masterfully written and acted. It’s just one of those movies that paints a good, honest picture of the human experience. Not gonna go into a review here but just wanted to say that it was a good watch!!


Halloween Water!!

Tonite, I closed with some late-nineties fun: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later. I must say, not as good as I remember. When I first saw this one (on VHS, thank you!!) circa ’98-’99, I really dug it a lot. It was actually one of my favourite movies at the time and my fondness for it has kinda stayed with me all these years. And tonight, though watching it on blu-ray, I enjoyed the movie more vicariously through my roommate then on my own. Still, the morbid and completely METAL side of me never tires of seeing Michael Myers hack people to death (and I don’t mean the actor)!! But I digress, it was a good time and reminds just how much I miss the 90’s!!!


I Chose…Poorly :(

So last nite, I tried to watch one of my old favorites Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This is one of those movies that, as a kid, I would watch (on VHS, thank you!!) at my grandmother’s house and after the movie would run around the house, pretending to ride a horse, whilst singing the Raider’s theme to myself and jumping over my grandma’s love seat much to her dismay!! Anyway, I decided to try and watch it last nite; however being the poor sod I am, I chose to start it at 9:30 and couldn’t finish it…..I chose poorly!!