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Iron Man 3 Ridiculously Awesome Review!

DownloadedFileWell everyone, Summer 2013 starts with a repulser blast as Iron Man 3 kicks off blockbuster season (not to mention Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!)!  Below you’ll find our takes on the flick (beware, there will be SPOILERS) with mine first and DStarB’s to follow shortly.  For the time being, if you’ve got some time between your Extremis injections, take minute to read our thoughts on Iron Man 3!


I’m ready to boldly go!!


I got geek prolems!!

I realize that with all this Star Trek talk it’s starting to sound as if I’m turning my back on my Star Wars loyalties, but I assure you they are definitely all still there. It’s just
that this new Trek franchise really works, but with good ole J.J. heading up the new Star Wars flick things are definitely looking up for the Sci-Fi junkie inside of me.
Speaking of looking up, next month is gonna be filled with delicious geekiness and, as the title dictates, I am ready to boldly propel myself into next month for the line up of craziness that awaits me.

First off is Iron Man 3 landing on May 3. Historically, these Iron Man flicks have left me dangerously close to hyperventilating by the time they are over and I expect no different from the third installment. The trailers have all looked really fun, especially the latest one (showing here), and for some strange reason I’m excited to see some Mandarin. Oh! And the Iron Patriot suit is bad ass!!

Then there’s the next day. Which to the ‘non-initiated’ is just May 4th, the day before Cinco De Mayo. And because I know just how important Cinco De Mayo is to some people, what could be so important about the 4th of May?!? Only that it’s Star Wars day!!! Of course, to the ‘normies’ out there, Star Wars day is about as lame as lame can get; but to the hardcore, self-initiated grey-side Jedi, such as myself, this is a most important day indeed. And with any luck, the RAMAB will be celebrating the special occasion with full enthusiasm.

And if those two monumental events weren’t enough, we get a full week of recovery (so you can lick your Cinco De Mayo wounds) before Abrams drops his latest load on us: Star Trek Into Darkness. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s quite treasonous the amount of excitement I have for this flick. Being such a stout Star Wars devotee, I shouldn’t have this much interest or anticipation for the ‘other side’. Nevertheless, J.J. has done his job well and I am on board for the continued adventures of the starship Enterprise and its crew!!

Ok, so there are only really three things on the horizon for the upcoming month; and, true enough, one of them barely counts. (as I roll a single tear for Star Wars day like an elder Native American seeing what we’ve done to the land) But for the aspiring Sci-Fi nut within me, these things are pretty huge. And hopefully when all is said and done, I will finally feel free to come out of the closet with my new-found Trekkness….


Yes, Yes, and more Yes!!

Finally, the preview we’ve been waiting for has arrived. I have just seen a new trailer for Iron Man 3, and I must say it is good! After the major event that was The Avengers, its kind of hard to see where, narratively and spectacle-ly, the sequels of the individual characters can go. Nevertheless, we will be getting another Captain America, a new Thor, and  yet another Iron Man. While there have been no looks at Cap and Thor (other than a few pics) footage for the Tin-Head has been dropping frequently in preparation of its May 3rd release. (which is excitingly close if you really think about it)  This new spot for Iron Man 3 rings with the same type of epic conclusion of that Ridiculously Awesome Avengers trailer that gave us that first look at that giant, Chitauri, flying, dragon, lizard thing that, at the time, none one really knew what it was but we all still pissed our pants at and thought it was one of the most amazing things your little geek brain could fathom. (shut up, you know you felt the same way!!)  In closing, here is the latest Iron Man 3 trailer for you to thoroughly appreciate!! What the heck, Excelsior!!




Looking Better There, Tin Head!!

Until recently, I’ve been more excited about the new Star Trek flick than Iron Man 3.  This is a very surreal statement for me as I am known as a supreme Star Wars fan (which in geek terms means I’m not even supposed to like Star Trek) and, thus far, the Iron Man series has been the best Marvel Studios has had to offer, which is significant when considering how unsuspectingly good Thor is! When the first trailer for Iron Man 3 finally hit; I found it with a very decidedly lukewarm reaction. I felt slightly underwhelmed by it and found myself wondering where Marvel Studios could go after their juggernaut hit The Avengers.  Plus, Star Trek: Into Darkness just looks plain amaze-balls; and a huge part of that is, I think, due to the contribution from one Benedict Cumberbatch (the most Ridiculously Awesome British name) who is blowing up right now and has the chops to back his rising star up. Disbelief have you?? Go watch him in Sherlock RIGHT NOW and prove us otherwise!!

But I digress, after not watching much of the “Big Game” but luckily catching the Iron Man 3 spot, I must say that things are beginning to look more inciting when concerning the adventures of Tony Stark. Yet again, one must be constantly aware, when in this specific position.  Will this be another X3/Spider-Man 3 incident?? One of course hopes not, but we cannot be too careful. Now check out the two spots below and prepare to salivate!!


Here at last!!!

It’s been advertised, we’ve been waiting, and now the Iron Man 3 trailer has arrived. After seeing it, and living through Avengers, little else seems as epic. Sure there was Dark Knight Rises, but that Iron Man 3 trailer did very little to blow my hair back. Not that it was bad; it had some interesting and somewhat dramatic moments, the Iron Patriot suit looks pretty badass and Ben Kingsley’s voice over as the Mandarin sounds pretty awesome. Of course only time will tell exactly just what level of amazing Iron Man 3 will be on, but until then I must admit that there was absolutely NO geek-boner to be had from this trailer (see below).



Where ARE we and what are we doing!????!


So, tomorrow marks the day when the first Iron Man 3 teaser/trailer/whatever you wanna call it drops. I would first like to admit that I am almost as excited as a kid on Christmas about this but I arrive at this moment with some inner conflict. While I am excited to know there will, very soon, be an official trailer for Iron Man 3; do we really need a teaser for the trailer? Have we gotten to a place where the hype for and release of a trailer for a movie is almost as important as the hype for and release of the movie it’s teasing?? I mean, is it just me or is having a teaser announcing the trailer/teaser/preview of a movie seem a little bit redundant……??

In any event, yay for Iron Man 3!!!!