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Wolvie-Berserker style!!


Sniky, Sniky, Snoo!!!

With Days of Future Past being shoved at us with every opportunity, you may find yourself wondering the status of the X-Men’s most popular character (over-hyped says I) Wolverine. He’s had two standalone flicks with the first receiving a fairly lukewarm reception. The follow-up, The Wolverine, will be dropping soon to home video and will include an unrated version of the flick which could be exactly the shot of adrenaline the character needs to really rip up the silver screen the way he was meant to do.  In any case, if you are on the fence on which version you should look into, we’ve got a full up review for the theatrical version of The Wolverine here. And be sure to check our full list of reviews for that hidden gem you’ve always been looking for on the Our Takes page. And here’s hoping to see the Claw-Daddy go Wolvie-Berserker style and tear it up!!!



Back With A Whole Lotta Bang…..we hope!

We’ve taken an extremely lengthy and mostly undeserved vacation and now the RAMAB comes back at you practically busting our garters with new content. We got a string of new reviews coming your way starting with Elysium, we got news coming AT SOME POINT, and we got new trailers now!!!  Whatever you’repfoom-md hankering for on our little blog, we got that!!! So stay tuned and in the meantime, check out the latest trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug that reeks of such awesomeness it’s just unnecessary. Now just months later, this new trailer possesses even MORE Ridiculously Awesome epicness AND, finally, we hear the dulcet tones of Benedict Cumberbatch as the great and powerful Smaug, and it is quite the pleasure for the ears!! So check it out below and try not to pee yourself in public or to death over it!!!


A Grab Bag of Reviews!!!!

yum, yum, yummy! Grab that brown bag lunch!

yum, yum, yummy! Grab that brown bag lunch!

If there is one thing you can count on here at RAMAB, it’s that we will bring you objective and fair reviews of movies AND (most importantly) that we will hardly give you those reviews on time!! That’s right folks, we bring forth a veritable grab bag of new reviews for your perusal and possibly, but hopefully not, refusal. If science fiction is your game, then we got it with the Smith clan’s futuristic bio-pic of future world domination: After Earth! Oh yea, and there’s the sequel to that picture based on some old TV show about a crew of co-ed seamen lost in space or some such….Star Trek Into Darkness. Fancy your flicks deep, thought-provoking, and touchy feely?? Then you should try the Independent Film Channel. But if you like that and have a thing for capes, you could peep our recommendation for a pretty sweet and action packed indy flick; the true life story of the Daredevil: Super. But if it’s more of a family friendly review you seek, than look no further than the hidden gem buried deep within the bowels of this movie review laden cornucopia! What is this instant classic and follow-up to that nonexistent Degrassi High feature-length rom-com?!? Clearly its Monsters University!! So go ahead, get wrist deep in this lovely, brown sack and pull out a glorious review. And check out the Our Takes page for the full list of our reviews to date!!


The passing of an age

The RAMAB Toy Story celebration is at an end. This trilogy has ended in a most epic fashion by providing on the most heartfelt and entry in its cannon. This flick truly ToyStoryBestPalsrepresents the ending of an era for those of us they grew up much like Andy and had the privilege of growing up with him and the characters of Toy Story. And although we’ve been taken to task by some of our loyal readers out there for being behind the ball, I humbly disagree. I think it’s important to, now and again, look back and appreciate the great films we’ve experienced so that we can more aptly recognize and call out the fodder like Oz: The Greatly Stupid, The Host, Beautiful Creatures, and Catwoman…just to name a few. Yes, it’s healthy to go back and say, “hey, you know what, that WAS a good movie!” and this is totally the case with the Toy Story franchise. Also, just a thought, its nice to think back to that simpler time in life when all we needed were our toys and our imaginations and the world was ours. Thus the reason behind this little celebration, so go on, take a look at the Toy Story 3 review and let the discussing and reminiscing begin.




By The Might Of Mjolnir!!

Given to us from the realm eternal, Asgard, the trailer for Thor: The Dark World has just been dropped on Midgard (Earth) and it is leaving quite the mark on our land. First of all, if you somehow missed the sleeper hit that was Thor then shame on you. Friends, I’m here to tell you that this is something you should really be excited for. Since I know we all saw the Avengers, I know you know Thor is not some strange utterance that only comes out when you’re hilariously exhausted. But if you haven’t seen his stand alone flick, go catch it now; it works way better than you suspect. It. Is. EPIC. And the sequel is shaping up really well too; so much so that it’s starting to surpass being epic and is bordering on the line of being metal, which in case you didn’t know is at least 5 levels higher than epic. Thor: The Dark World doesn’t drop until November here in the states but you can peep that joint below. Do it now!!!!



That’s right! With Ridiculously Awesome and clever picture-title word association like that, only one thing could be the subject matter of this post. The review of Toy toy-story-22Story 2 is now ready for your perusal! In case you’ve forgotten, because of our extreme and recurring promptness, the RAMAB Toy Story celebration is still in full swing and we are throwing our latest review at you!! So click the link above to peep what we think and see if you agree or disagree. Then, be sure to keep up with us as the celebration will soon come to its spectacular conclusion. And be sure to check out Our Takes page for all of our reviews!!


Still playing with toys-and loving it!!

Because we can, and who doesn’t love them, today we will kick off a RAMAB celebration and marathon of reviews for the classic CG flick, Toy Story! This seminal classic from Pixar jumpstarted the CG film frenzy that has given us the likes of Shrek, Horton Hears A Who, and How To Train Your Dragon. So, to celebrate the nigh 20 year TOY_STORY_Wallpaper_by_Cepillo16anniversary (yep, it’s been that long) of this great franchise, the RAMAB will bring to you great people reviews for Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. So if you’ve somehow missed these along the way or want to be reminded just how great these flicks are, click the like above to read the review and keep checking back here for the reviews of these great films to roll in. And remember to check Our Takes page for more reviews!!


Falling Short Of Greatness



Oh, the once merry old land of Oz. That’s right, here at the Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog present to you a review of Oz the Great and Powerful….or Oz the Lame and Unnecessary more like!  Friends, I have to warn you, if you are a fan of any Oz rendition, this flick is almost certain to disappoint.  If you are at all on the fence about it, check out the review and decide for yourself if you wanna give it a go and rebel against the fodder we are being fed and help Hollywood learn its lesson.  Either way, here it is!!

Oz the Great and Powerful


…Back Again

…thats right, as in THERE and back again!!

Been pining for Middle-Earth lately, then look no further friend; at long last the RAMAB proudly brings you the a complete and comprehensive review of the first installment of the new Middle-Earth trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!! So go read up, in case you’re one of those weirdos that hasn’t gone to see it yet, and when done there be sure to check out all of our reviews found on Our Takes page. Now grab some mead, cheese, and let those furry feet take you on a grand adventure!!


That Phantom Menace Incident


What?! Yousa no liken mesa?!?!

As the review for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is underway, I find myself contemplating an interesting and potentially distressing dilemma. Peter Jackson and George Lucas are both titan sized icons in the realm of geek-dom. They both are responsible for a universe that has been embraced not only by those of us that ‘normies’ would call geeks, but has also been accepted, in varying degrees, by the popular culture of the normal folk. The creations of these two have ever been the ammunition for many a dispute between the con venturers and cosplayers alike. The argument of which trilogy is better (citing only the ‘Original’ Star Wars trilogy) is a point of contention for those to stubborn to live and let live and perhaps go so far as to coexist and co-habitate. Unfortunately we now reach a point in which these two legends of our world have more in common that some would like and something in common that no one really wants. With the promise of a Hobbit trilogy, good ole Pete Jackson now steps into the province of one George Lucas with a prequel trilogy. That’s right, I said it! Peter Jackson is pulling a G.L. with a prequel trilogy to the epic Rings saga. What does this mean?? Well for those of you NOT keeping score, these two have each provided a great and groundbreaking trilogy, accepted the world over, that has had a massive if not insane following. They both have gone back and made a few tweaks to their work (yes, Pete Jackson too with his extended versions of the Rings trilogy, which I actually prefer) and they have both gone back to the well to tell a little back story with a new set of films. Of course, many arguments can be made in defense of Pete Jackson’s move here. Yes, Jackson has great source material to draw from; but then if you look at what Lucas came up with on his own…pretty impressive. “But the first part of the Hobbit is already comparatively better than Phantom Menace!”, you say. Yes, this may be true; but as we do not yet know what the future holds, it is not certain that we won’t have an Attack Of The Clone/Hayden Christensen situation on our hands. Plus, there was that Radagast the Brown character…..just saying!