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Ahsoka Lives!!!

Ladies and gets, we here are what you call geeks. And as such the sci-fi and fantasy based things that we show more interest in than the ‘norms’ of the world, we are also intensely passionate about. With that passion comes a profound respect for those that lend their talents to our passions and we always jump at the chance to meet these pw_ahsoka_iphonepeople and thank them for giving us all this ‘made up nonsense’. Recently I was able to make a life-long wish come true. I got the chance to meet someone who I had hitherto only seen/heard on TV and the internet and had often admired their work on Saturday mornings. Through the luck of the Force, and a little help from one of our loyal readers, I had the unique opportunity and privilege to meet and hang out with the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars the Clone Wars, the lovely Ms. Ashley Eckstein. Read the riveting tale of my most excellent adventure below!!

An Evening With Ahsoka



Sorta in need of an intervention!

So I have a bit of a multifaceted problem! First off: I CAN’T stop watching the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer. Even after the thirteenth time today, it just looks sssooo fun and exciting and dope and I just might pee myself (from sheer excitement) to death before the movie actually comes out!! I may actually need to be Vulcan neck pinched to calm my nerves!!


Just put me out of EVERYONE’S misery, Mr. Spock!!

Second: because of Mr. Abrams and his new take on Star Trek I have become a bit of a closet Trekkie. But here lies my issue; being such a HUGE Star Wars nerd I am fundamentally disallowed, by all natures of the Force, to be a fan of Star Trek by any shape or form.  I am to be, in my very core, diametrically opposed to this Trek noise!! However, I am now watching the original series and planning on re-watching (because, to be honest, I did watch some Star Trek as a kid before I knew any better) every subsequent iteration of the Trek series that followed.

But I digress, the fact is that Star Trek reboot flick WORKS and the sequel looks to be on the path to being just as RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. Therefore, I shall live long and prosper while the Force is with me!!


Looking Better There, Tin Head!!

Until recently, I’ve been more excited about the new Star Trek flick than Iron Man 3.  This is a very surreal statement for me as I am known as a supreme Star Wars fan (which in geek terms means I’m not even supposed to like Star Trek) and, thus far, the Iron Man series has been the best Marvel Studios has had to offer, which is significant when considering how unsuspectingly good Thor is! When the first trailer for Iron Man 3 finally hit; I found it with a very decidedly lukewarm reaction. I felt slightly underwhelmed by it and found myself wondering where Marvel Studios could go after their juggernaut hit The Avengers.  Plus, Star Trek: Into Darkness just looks plain amaze-balls; and a huge part of that is, I think, due to the contribution from one Benedict Cumberbatch (the most Ridiculously Awesome British name) who is blowing up right now and has the chops to back his rising star up. Disbelief have you?? Go watch him in Sherlock RIGHT NOW and prove us otherwise!!

But I digress, after not watching much of the “Big Game” but luckily catching the Iron Man 3 spot, I must say that things are beginning to look more inciting when concerning the adventures of Tony Stark. Yet again, one must be constantly aware, when in this specific position.  Will this be another X3/Spider-Man 3 incident?? One of course hopes not, but we cannot be too careful. Now check out the two spots below and prepare to salivate!!


That Phantom Menace Incident


What?! Yousa no liken mesa?!?!

As the review for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is underway, I find myself contemplating an interesting and potentially distressing dilemma. Peter Jackson and George Lucas are both titan sized icons in the realm of geek-dom. They both are responsible for a universe that has been embraced not only by those of us that ‘normies’ would call geeks, but has also been accepted, in varying degrees, by the popular culture of the normal folk. The creations of these two have ever been the ammunition for many a dispute between the con venturers and cosplayers alike. The argument of which trilogy is better (citing only the ‘Original’ Star Wars trilogy) is a point of contention for those to stubborn to live and let live and perhaps go so far as to coexist and co-habitate. Unfortunately we now reach a point in which these two legends of our world have more in common that some would like and something in common that no one really wants. With the promise of a Hobbit trilogy, good ole Pete Jackson now steps into the province of one George Lucas with a prequel trilogy. That’s right, I said it! Peter Jackson is pulling a G.L. with a prequel trilogy to the epic Rings saga. What does this mean?? Well for those of you NOT keeping score, these two have each provided a great and groundbreaking trilogy, accepted the world over, that has had a massive if not insane following. They both have gone back and made a few tweaks to their work (yes, Pete Jackson too with his extended versions of the Rings trilogy, which I actually prefer) and they have both gone back to the well to tell a little back story with a new set of films. Of course, many arguments can be made in defense of Pete Jackson’s move here. Yes, Jackson has great source material to draw from; but then if you look at what Lucas came up with on his own…pretty impressive. “But the first part of the Hobbit is already comparatively better than Phantom Menace!”, you say. Yes, this may be true; but as we do not yet know what the future holds, it is not certain that we won’t have an Attack Of The Clone/Hayden Christensen situation on our hands. Plus, there was that Radagast the Brown character…..just saying!




“This deal is getting worse all the time!”


So by now the Star Wars-Disney deal is old news. We über-fans have had our time to deal with it as we will, be it with jubilation or grief, and move on. Although, I’m inclined to think that anyone that has accepted the aforementioned deal with any notion of a jubilant spirit cannot rightfully call themselves a über-fan. Personally, my biggest (and frankly only) hang up lies with Disney’s insistence the push the franchise forward by immediately announcing and beginning to work on Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. This stems from my firm opinion that the Star Wars episodic features told the story of Anakin Skywalker,and while there were some blemishes in the telling of that story, it is now complete and should be left to exist on its on. There have been, to my knowledge, 7 or so non-episodic Star Wars feature length films that include the Animated Clone Wars, Ewoks Adventures, and the live action Ewok films (NOT admitting the existence of the Holiday Special). These were all things that pushed the franchise along AND are considered cannon and, again, are not episodic features. The Clone Wars movie specifically revitalized the franchise in a very effective way and, I think, maintained the tone set by the original trilogy (for more see here)So for me, if Disney wants to make Star Wars movies I’m all for it; I just don’t want them to be episodic features.

Still convinced Episodes VII-IX are a good idea??!! I mean its been less than a month and we already have a release year and a writer with, its looking like, a director not too far behind. Moving a bit to fast says I. And if this expedited process is stirring your pod engines then maybe this will. How about the idea that Disney wants Vader to be resurrected for the new trilogy?!!? Sacrilege, right. Yes, I understand that Darth Maul was brought back for Clone Wars and some other things and no one really cried party foul then. But this is Vader we’re talking about!! While it’s nice to see that Disney agrees that he is a staple character for the franchise, it is unfortunately for that same reason that they want to bring him back and to that I cry MAJOR party foul cuz its looking like this deal really is getting worse all the time!! Luckily, for now, it’s all just a rumor.


Full Vader outrage article here.

“Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him??”


With a move that may be hoisting me on my own petard, I address an egregious issue plaguing the ranks of Star Wars fandom. In the latest Tête-A-Tête, I use my long lost English Comp skills and tackle the concern of George Lucas, through his re-releases and other endeavours, violating the sanctity of the childhood memories of many disgruntled fans the world over. Hit the link to read the “essay” please feel free to leave comments (good or/especially bad) and share it with your associates.