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Back With A Whole Lotta Bang…..we hope!

We’ve taken an extremely lengthy and mostly undeserved vacation and now the RAMAB comes back at you practically busting our garters with new content. We got a string of new reviews coming your way starting with Elysium, we got news coming AT SOME POINT, and we got new trailers now!!!  Whatever you’repfoom-md hankering for on our little blog, we got that!!! So stay tuned and in the meantime, check out the latest trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug that reeks of such awesomeness it’s just unnecessary. Now just months later, this new trailer possesses even MORE Ridiculously Awesome epicness AND, finally, we hear the dulcet tones of Benedict Cumberbatch as the great and powerful Smaug, and it is quite the pleasure for the ears!! So check it out below and try not to pee yourself in public or to death over it!!!



Back With A Bang: new reviews, Hobbit Day, and more!!!

At long last!! The Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog is finally back from vacation and we are bringing the goods! In case you may have missed them, we have three new reviews ready for your perusal; we give you The Expendables 2, Wild Wild West, and Up. So go, read, enjoy, disagree (perhaps), discuss, and bring on the web traffic!

While we were away, we had the pleasure of observing Hobbit Day (Sep. 22) by spending the weekend on the full Hobbit eating schedule AND by enjoying a few new Hobbit treats. Again, we are stupidly excited (to the point of slight obsession and excessive drooling) for the release and the Hobbit flicks; which are now being made into trilogy (see full deets here). And below you will see two new posters for the flick and the 2nd, much more epic, and geek-boner inspiring trailer.


Hobbit trailer 2


And lastly, for you few, proud citizens of these world-wide webs and RAMAB followers; news of things. First off, the T-A-T is making a comeback. That’s right folks, that Ridiculously Awesome feature you all know and love will be coming back at you sometime in the future. AND we are pleased to announce and Ridiculously Awesome new feature for your reading and/or debating pleasure: the Ridiculously Awesome Small Screen Departures (working title)!!! As the title hopefully dictates, this will be a somewhat regular feature in which, although billing ourselves as a movie blog, we will veer off the tried and true path of cinema and venture into the realm of the boob tube! In short, we will take time to cover a TV show that we enjoy and think are worth a very honorable mention on the blog. So stay tuned, stay abreast, and check back with us for all of your future, creamy benefits!!!


Excitement! Crazy, crazy excitement!!

The Impromptu Harry Potter Week (and a half and two thirds or whatever) is now over. The final review is up and it’s time to look ahead a bit. Although I am intensely excited for Prometheus, which is out now, my excitement for a film coming later this year has intensified to a stupefying level once again. Over at thehobbitblog.com my anticipation was re-invigorated by the latest video blog that gave a studio tour of where The Hobbit is being filmed.


My main excitement for this flick comes from the fact that its creators brought us The Lord of the Rings trilogy. With Pete Jackson back at the helm, almost everyone returning in the crew, and a few choice cast members back as well, the excellent quality of this film is pretty much guaranteed. The Rings trilogy is a film saga of truly epic proportions. I loved everything about those films and, clearly, it excites me to no end seeing basically everyone that worked on them return to Middle-Earth to provide us another fantastic and roaring adventure!!