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The passing of an age

The RAMAB Toy Story celebration is at an end. This trilogy has ended in a most epic fashion by providing on the most heartfelt and entry in its cannon. This flick truly ToyStoryBestPalsrepresents the ending of an era for those of us they grew up much like Andy and had the privilege of growing up with him and the characters of Toy Story. And although we’ve been taken to task by some of our loyal readers out there for being behind the ball, I humbly disagree. I think it’s important to, now and again, look back and appreciate the great films we’ve experienced so that we can more aptly recognize and call out the fodder like Oz: The Greatly Stupid, The Host, Beautiful Creatures, and Catwoman…just to name a few. Yes, it’s healthy to go back and say, “hey, you know what, that WAS a good movie!” and this is totally the case with the Toy Story franchise. Also, just a thought, its nice to think back to that simpler time in life when all we needed were our toys and our imaginations and the world was ours. Thus the reason behind this little celebration, so go on, take a look at the Toy Story 3 review and let the discussing and reminiscing begin.






That’s right! With Ridiculously Awesome and clever picture-title word association like that, only one thing could be the subject matter of this post. The review of Toy toy-story-22Story 2 is now ready for your perusal! In case you’ve forgotten, because of our extreme and recurring promptness, the RAMAB Toy Story celebration is still in full swing and we are throwing our latest review at you!! So click the link above to peep what we think and see if you agree or disagree. Then, be sure to keep up with us as the celebration will soon come to its spectacular conclusion. And be sure to check out Our Takes page for all of our reviews!!


Still playing with toys-and loving it!!

Because we can, and who doesn’t love them, today we will kick off a RAMAB celebration and marathon of reviews for the classic CG flick, Toy Story! This seminal classic from Pixar jumpstarted the CG film frenzy that has given us the likes of Shrek, Horton Hears A Who, and How To Train Your Dragon. So, to celebrate the nigh 20 year TOY_STORY_Wallpaper_by_Cepillo16anniversary (yep, it’s been that long) of this great franchise, the RAMAB will bring to you great people reviews for Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. So if you’ve somehow missed these along the way or want to be reminded just how great these flicks are, click the like above to read the review and keep checking back here for the reviews of these great films to roll in. And remember to check Our Takes page for more reviews!!