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Back With A Whole Lotta Bang…..we hope!

We’ve taken an extremely lengthy and mostly undeserved vacation and now the RAMAB comes back at you practically busting our garters with new content. We got a string of new reviews coming your way starting with Elysium, we got news coming AT SOME POINT, and we got new trailers now!!!  Whatever you’repfoom-md hankering for on our little blog, we got that!!! So stay tuned and in the meantime, check out the latest trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug that reeks of such awesomeness it’s just unnecessary. Now just months later, this new trailer possesses even MORE Ridiculously Awesome epicness AND, finally, we hear the dulcet tones of Benedict Cumberbatch as the great and powerful Smaug, and it is quite the pleasure for the ears!! So check it out below and try not to pee yourself in public or to death over it!!!



the time of the Dragon approaches!!

It’s here at last and looks just as epic as promised with the signing on of Mr. Jackson. Folks, I’m talking bout the first trailer of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, due December 13. Let the slobbering and crazy, crazy, and oft mental capacity impeding excitement begin. Dig this tasty snack!!!!HDOS_DOM_ART_ONLINE-2





…a bit of news



So, here’s a little blurb about some of the things going on around the old Tinsletown!! First off: there is a trailer out now for The Wolverine which looks just as wildly mediocre and underwhelming as its predecessor did!

There’s also the trailer for Kick Ass 2 which looks pretty promising and more Chloe Grace is always a good thing!! But be warned, below is the red band trailer because we here at RAMAB are HARDCORE!

And finally; there seems to be some sort of series coming to television based on the early days of Hannibal Lecter as played by that guy from Casino Royale but……I dunno; I just don’t know





Sorta in need of an intervention!

So I have a bit of a multifaceted problem! First off: I CAN’T stop watching the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer. Even after the thirteenth time today, it just looks sssooo fun and exciting and dope and I just might pee myself (from sheer excitement) to death before the movie actually comes out!! I may actually need to be Vulcan neck pinched to calm my nerves!!


Just put me out of EVERYONE’S misery, Mr. Spock!!

Second: because of Mr. Abrams and his new take on Star Trek I have become a bit of a closet Trekkie. But here lies my issue; being such a HUGE Star Wars nerd I am fundamentally disallowed, by all natures of the Force, to be a fan of Star Trek by any shape or form.  I am to be, in my very core, diametrically opposed to this Trek noise!! However, I am now watching the original series and planning on re-watching (because, to be honest, I did watch some Star Trek as a kid before I knew any better) every subsequent iteration of the Trek series that followed.

But I digress, the fact is that Star Trek reboot flick WORKS and the sequel looks to be on the path to being just as RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. Therefore, I shall live long and prosper while the Force is with me!!


Yes, Yes, and more Yes!!

Finally, the preview we’ve been waiting for has arrived. I have just seen a new trailer for Iron Man 3, and I must say it is good! After the major event that was The Avengers, its kind of hard to see where, narratively and spectacle-ly, the sequels of the individual characters can go. Nevertheless, we will be getting another Captain America, a new Thor, and  yet another Iron Man. While there have been no looks at Cap and Thor (other than a few pics) footage for the Tin-Head has been dropping frequently in preparation of its May 3rd release. (which is excitingly close if you really think about it)  This new spot for Iron Man 3 rings with the same type of epic conclusion of that Ridiculously Awesome Avengers trailer that gave us that first look at that giant, Chitauri, flying, dragon, lizard thing that, at the time, none one really knew what it was but we all still pissed our pants at and thought it was one of the most amazing things your little geek brain could fathom. (shut up, you know you felt the same way!!)  In closing, here is the latest Iron Man 3 trailer for you to thoroughly appreciate!! What the heck, Excelsior!!




Here at last!!!

It’s been advertised, we’ve been waiting, and now the Iron Man 3 trailer has arrived. After seeing it, and living through Avengers, little else seems as epic. Sure there was Dark Knight Rises, but that Iron Man 3 trailer did very little to blow my hair back. Not that it was bad; it had some interesting and somewhat dramatic moments, the Iron Patriot suit looks pretty badass and Ben Kingsley’s voice over as the Mandarin sounds pretty awesome. Of course only time will tell exactly just what level of amazing Iron Man 3 will be on, but until then I must admit that there was absolutely NO geek-boner to be had from this trailer (see below).



Where ARE we and what are we doing!????!


So, tomorrow marks the day when the first Iron Man 3 teaser/trailer/whatever you wanna call it drops. I would first like to admit that I am almost as excited as a kid on Christmas about this but I arrive at this moment with some inner conflict. While I am excited to know there will, very soon, be an official trailer for Iron Man 3; do we really need a teaser for the trailer? Have we gotten to a place where the hype for and release of a trailer for a movie is almost as important as the hype for and release of the movie it’s teasing?? I mean, is it just me or is having a teaser announcing the trailer/teaser/preview of a movie seem a little bit redundant……??

In any event, yay for Iron Man 3!!!!


Back With A Bang: new reviews, Hobbit Day, and more!!!

At long last!! The Ridiculously Awesome Movie Adventure Blog is finally back from vacation and we are bringing the goods! In case you may have missed them, we have three new reviews ready for your perusal; we give you The Expendables 2, Wild Wild West, and Up. So go, read, enjoy, disagree (perhaps), discuss, and bring on the web traffic!

While we were away, we had the pleasure of observing Hobbit Day (Sep. 22) by spending the weekend on the full Hobbit eating schedule AND by enjoying a few new Hobbit treats. Again, we are stupidly excited (to the point of slight obsession and excessive drooling) for the release and the Hobbit flicks; which are now being made into trilogy (see full deets here). And below you will see two new posters for the flick and the 2nd, much more epic, and geek-boner inspiring trailer.


Hobbit trailer 2


And lastly, for you few, proud citizens of these world-wide webs and RAMAB followers; news of things. First off, the T-A-T is making a comeback. That’s right folks, that Ridiculously Awesome feature you all know and love will be coming back at you sometime in the future. AND we are pleased to announce and Ridiculously Awesome new feature for your reading and/or debating pleasure: the Ridiculously Awesome Small Screen Departures (working title)!!! As the title hopefully dictates, this will be a somewhat regular feature in which, although billing ourselves as a movie blog, we will veer off the tried and true path of cinema and venture into the realm of the boob tube! In short, we will take time to cover a TV show that we enjoy and think are worth a very honorable mention on the blog. So stay tuned, stay abreast, and check back with us for all of your future, creamy benefits!!!


Amazingly STILL Undecided!

Jumping ahead a little bit to the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. After the latest trailer, I’m still on the fence about being excited for this. I have nothing against the Spider-Man character, I just feel its a little too soon to reboot this. Granted, this IS what happened with Hulk a few years ago but there was no established franchise there. I will say I like the shout-out back to the comics with the mechanical web shooters, and Gwen Stacey, and all; but the costume just doesn’t work for me. It looks like he’s wearing a red and blue tire outfit. And, again, I just don’t feel ready for more Spider-Man yet…