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Wolvie-Berserker style!!


Sniky, Sniky, Snoo!!!

With Days of Future Past being shoved at us with every opportunity, you may find yourself wondering the status of the X-Men’s most popular character (over-hyped says I) Wolverine. He’s had two standalone flicks with the first receiving a fairly lukewarm reception. The follow-up, The Wolverine, will be dropping soon to home video and will include an unrated version of the flick which could be exactly the shot of adrenaline the character needs to really rip up the silver screen the way he was meant to do.  In any case, if you are on the fence on which version you should look into, we’ve got a full up review for the theatrical version of The Wolverine here. And be sure to check our full list of reviews for that hidden gem you’ve always been looking for on the Our Takes page. And here’s hoping to see the Claw-Daddy go Wolvie-Berserker style and tear it up!!!



Things You Learn Watching the ’91 X-Men TV Show

Recently, I’ve started re-watching X-Men. I thought I would just do a few episodes for fun, then got sucked into watching just about the entire series. Like any show, when you see it as a complete body of work, there are things you missed when you were just watching it week to week. Upon seeing the big picture, I’ve gleaned some truths that I think I should share.

  • Storm’s claustrophobia, while at first distressing, becomes hilarious as it happens pretty often and, no joke, a port-a-potty-esque holding cell becomes an impregnable fortress for the X-Men’s second in command.
  • You were right when you were seven; Jean Grey really is the most worthless thing on the face of the planet.
  • Professor X is kind of a jerk. In watching the series in its entirety, it is startling how many times he sends the X-Men on dangerous missions, including commandeering a space shuttle, flying it with little to no training, and brain-washing its captain, on no more explanation than, “I just really feel like you should go”.
  • Apparently, there is a reason Jubilee wears those stupid pink glasses as the crowning accent piece to her “Daddy didn’t love me enough” ensemble: they protect her eyes from the blinding light of her own…sparkler hands. I think that’s what her power is, sparkler hands. Let’s go with sparkler hands.
  • Wolverine was and is a complete badass*.

*Not a new lesson, but one that I would fear retribution from those adamantium claws if I didn’t mention.