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The Expendables 2 (2012)



Action.  Explosions. Guns. As-kicking dudes.  It’s all here in the sequel to what should rightfully be called “Action Movie: The Sequel”.  Delivering on all promises to bring back the tough-as-nails action scene of yesteryear, The Expendables 2 is a healthy dose of flat-out action and pure testosterone.  The following review will be short and just as simple and the premise of this film.

The story in this flick is pretty straight forward.  As the trailer dictates, “Track ’em.  Find ’em. Kill ’em”, is pretty much the basis of the plot and there is something about some loose plutonium floating about.  Honestly, there is no need to pay huge attention to the narrative.  It’s easy to follow and moves along in a simple, straight line.  What is important in this flick is the action.  Before it’s over, almost everything explodes and more bullets are fired in this flick than the whole of the war in Iraq (too soon or insensitive?).

Although this picture features almost every muscle-bound and important action star from the last 20 years, there isn’t much acting prowess happening here.  Not that there aren’t good actors present in the film, Liam Hemsworth chief among them, but when it comes to dramatic voyages through the emotional rage, this occasion just doesn’t call for such.  What works in this flick is the action and it happens in spades.  As mentioned, there are more explosions to shake a stick at and enough one-liners to fill a joke book with.  This is certainly a man-like movie.  If you’re ever feeling like your T-levels are kinda low, just watch The Expendables and all will be right.

  • If all you need is a manly boost or a mindless, explosion-ridden fun time, The Expendables is “the worst kind of bad.”



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