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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)


Kids, this is not your typical horror movie. In fact it’s less a horror movie and more a gory comedy. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil provides an interesting look at how people’s misconceptions and judgements can lead to catastrophic results. This was an interesting twist on the outdoors, slasher formula that resulted in a refreshing and charming tale.

While definitely a comedy picture, there were some surprisingly touching moments throughout here. The relationship between Tucker and Dale (played by Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, respectively) was very well played and made me believe the blood relation between them. And speaking of Mr. Labine, his take in the innocently dimwitted yet surprisingly knowledgeable Dale was worth the price of admission all its own. His character was nothing short of irresistibly charming and warm. That, coupled with the performance of Katrina Bowden, made me believe the chemistry formed between them and that two people as vastly different as their characters could connect as they did.

While the story was fresh and different, I did lose interest and get annoyed at times. Approaching the story from multiple angles and using the character’s perceptions to help create the suspense made me respect the successful effort of straying away from the typical slasher formula. But seeing just how stupid people can be got on my nerves real quick (mostly cause I have a very low tolerance for stupid, close minded people). And, although different, the story and world of the film were not completely immersive. In fact I found myself predicting what would happen next although I didn’t know how.

So with an interesting concept, some solid performances, and a story that becomes predictable (and a little cliché) once it gets going, this is a decent watch.

  • To you Tucker and Dale vs. Evil I say, “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”



What in tar nations is with the pig, you say?? Go see the RAMARS!!!


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