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With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (2012)

Stan Lee. One of the most influential figures in modern literature that is rarely considered as such because his extensive career consisted of writing comics books. This documentary tells the story of Stan Lee and his journey as Marvel comics became the juggernaut of entertainment that it is today.

Of course, for those of us that know, the story of how Stan Lee became Stan ‘The Man’ Lee is an entertaining story all it’s own. Stan’s enthusiasm and love of comics is the stuff legend just as much as the legendary characters he created. This film described, mostly through interviews, the enormous impact the characters of Marvels comics have had on the world. Being a fan of Marvel comics, and their films, I was aware of the significance of its stories but this film revitalised my admiration for the franchise.

However, what worked for me most was the depiction of Stan Lee the man. Not his outrageous, humorous, and robust persona but the genuine human. Through a series of interviews footage of Stan with his wife Joan, we see the inspiration of the humanity in many of Marvel’s characters comes from. Stan is shown as a warm and earnest man. The love he has for what he does comes through in spades in these section. And I love the relationship between Stan and his wife. The doc shows the real love and mutual respect between these two people.

This film shows the amazing, and familiar, story of one of the most influential and important literary movements since Shakespeare. But more importantly, it depicts the honest nature of the man responsible for some of the most successful and popular character is popular culture.

  • For With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, “the Force is strong with this one.”
  • -DStarB


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